4 Reasons to Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition

Your garage door’s maintenance is usually the last thing on your mind. It has gone up and down hundreds of times without fail and is one of those things that can easily be taken for granted. Like anything with moving parts, overhead garage doors need occasional attention to keep them working reliably and safely.

If you are the kind who takes a “wait until it’s broken” approach to residential garage door maintenance, it is really just a matter of time before your overhead door will demand attention and it is usually at the most inopportune time. Here are four important reasons why you should pay attention to keeping your garage door in good repair now, and avoid the headaches that may come later.

1. Improve Your Home’s Safety and Security

Your garage door can be the one barrier that keeps your family separated from intruders. Making sure your overhead garage door functions properly, closes securely, and that your codes are safeguarded is very important. Changing a remote opener code is simple and should be done frequently, especially if there have been any residents moving in our out of the home, or if you have teens at home who may have “shared” the code with others.

While the thought of burglary and intrusion is frightening, it is much less common than are the injuries that can occur if a poorly maintained residential garage door malfunctions. Doors can abruptly fall when tension springs or cables break from repeated wear, causing injury or death to those in its path. Another very important safety consideration pertains to making sure the overhead garage door can respond appropriately to prevent cases of potential entrapment. The manual release feature, also known as the emergency release, is designed to keep the door from closing and pinning you, your family or pets underneath. It is a real safety concern if this feature is not working or becomes disabled.

2. Emergency door repairs are expensive 

Unlike scheduled preventive garage door services in Omaha, emergency repair of residential garage doors can be expensive. AAA Garage Door, Inc. is ready to respond whenever you need us, but we’d much rather schedule so we can perform a garage door safety tune-up and help you avoid the hassle later. This also saves you money in the long run!

3. Extend the life of your garage door

Do you schedule regular residential garage door services to keep good maintenance? If you said “no,” you are in good company. In fact, 47% of homeowners admitted to never having their garage door or garage door opener serviced. Keeping your garage door well maintained by an experienced technician can save wear and tear, making your overhead garage door perform better and last longer.

4. Garages Break at Inconvenient Times

Residential garage doors rarely fail or break when you have plenty of time to make calls and solve the problem. More often, you are on your way to work, an appointment or some other event in your already busy schedule. When a tension spring breaks or a roller comes off the track, and your car is inside, you can be stuck there until help arrives. Let’s face it; there is never a good time for a garage door not to work.

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Keep Your Garage Door Healthy

The best time to prevent garage door issues is before they happen. Omaha and surrounding area residents can rely on AAA Garage Door, Inc. to help keep their overhead garage door in top-notch condition. We have over 25 years of experience in maintaining garage doors and making sure they last as long as possible. Give us a call today at (402) 727-0789 or schedule a check-up using our online contact forms!

Felipe Pinales

Review By: Felipe Pinales - Felipe is Nebraska’s first IDEA-certified Master Technician. He has been employed by AAA Garage Door for 5+ years, and has had the Master Technician Certification in his sights since he began. Felipe has also passed four written examinations including Residential Installer Certification, Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technician Certification, Commercial Rolling Door Systems Technician Certification, and Rolling Steel Fire Door Technician Certification. Felipe is constantly looking for ways to improve his abilities within our industry. His goal is to become the best garage door technician possible to best assist his customers and fellow co-workers.