Common Garage Door Scams 

Common Garage Door Scams 

When you think of fraud, you probably imagine identity theft or hackers. Unfortunately, many scams still occur offline, and one type you may not know of is garage door scams. While most people in the garage door industry are honest, some of them aren’t. 

Scammers prey on people’s desire to take care of garage door problems quickly. Having a broken garage door is a hassle, and homeowners understandably want to clear up the issue as soon as possible. Garage door repair scams try to trick the homeowner into paying for services they don’t receive or the technician can’t perform. 

How can you tell when someone is trying to scam you? What telltale signs of a scam should you watch out for? Keep an eye out for these common garage door scams. 

The Rebuild Package Scam

Asking people to overpay for something or making promises that aren’t delivered on are both common scams in any industry. In the garage door business, rebuild package scams occur when a repair company says you need a “hardware overhaul,” which involves replacing everything from your torsion springs to the bearing brackets. 

In reality, nothing is wrong with your equipment — most garage door hardware lasts 10 to 15 years. However, you might not initially realize that. You will get a rude awakening when you receive the bill because dishonest technicians mark up the hardware and the installation costs. Then, you pay an arm and a leg for new hardware you don’t need. 

The Lifetime Guarantee Scam

When you hear someone talk about a lifetime guarantee, you probably think you’re set for as long as you own your house. However, that’s rarely the case. A lifetime guarantee often covers parts but not labor. Your technician can charge an exorbitant fee for labor for the simplest task, such as changing a light bulb. 

By installing cheap parts, the technician ensures your hardware will break down. Then, you’ll call them to fix it again, enabling them to charge an astronomical labor fee. The cycle repeats when the broken hardware is replaced with another shoddy item, setting you up to need more help shortly down the road. If you consider a lifetime guarantee, ask the technician several essential questions: 

  • What does the guarantee cover? 
  • Can you walk me through the contract? 
  • What brands do you source your parts from? 

Your contract only guarantees coverage for the hardware it mentions. Even if you speak to a technician about adding extra coverage, it will only apply if it’s in the contract.

The Unidentified Technician Scam

You only want experienced, certified professionals working on your garage door. While a company may present the impression that its technicians know what they’re doing, they can pull a last-minute switcheroo by contracting the work to a subcontractor. The person may not live up to the high standards set by a legitimate business. 

The company you contracted with will pay the subcontractor a low rate, and the original technicians will have no investment in the outcome because you are not their customer. They aren’t counting on you using their services again for a job well done. You have no way of knowing if the person who comes to your door is certified or what their garage door repair history looks like. You also have no one to call if the repair is mishandled. Here are some things to look for to avoid this situation: 

  • The technician arrives in an unmarked car.
  • The technician avoids introducing themselves or saying who they work for.
  • The technician shows no signs of direct employment by the company you contracted with.

How to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams 

When you know what to look for, you can avoid garage door repair scams. Here are some questions to ask during the vetting process:

  • How do you identify your company?​
  • What company am I speaking with?
  • Can you provide me your business’s address?
  • Do you have any recent customers I could talk to about your services?

If you are not satisfied with the answers you receive, play it safe and avoid hiring the contractor. Always trust your gut. If something seems fishy or “off” with the company, it’s better to err on the side of caution than get caught up in a scam. 

Instead of relying on a business with shady practices, ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations for garage door repair companies they have used and liked. Getting a testimonial from a trusted source is always better than trying a company you aren’t sure about.

How to Report Garage Door Scams

If a suspected garage door scammer has approached you, or you have fallen victim to a scam, you can report it. Contact the International Door Association (IDA) by emailing info@doors.org. You can explain the details and include any documentation from your case. The organization may follow up with you for more information.

Scammers may also face criminal charges depending on what they did. You can contact your local police station to report the interaction. At the least, the police may warn others in the neighborhood that a suspicious person is making false claims. 

Enjoy Quality Garage Door Service With AAA Garage Door

For reputable garage door repairs, contact AAA Garage Door. We have provided many people in the Fremont, Nebraska, area with dependable service at affordable prices. 

5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Door Operating Smoothly

As a homeowner, you rely on your garage door to access your home multiple times a day and you want to be sure that you can depend on it to perform, as it should. As the largest moving part in most homes, it’s essential that you take the time to look after your Omaha garage door properly and carry out regular repair and maintenance to ensure that it stands the test of time. If you take care of your garage door, you will be able to depend on it to work as intended for many years to come.

residential garage door installation in Omaha NE

5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that your garage door continues to operate smoothly. Let’s take a closer look at five garage door maintenance tips that you can implement with ease to care for your garage door.

1. Lubricate Moving Parts

It might only take you about ten minutes per year but taking the time to grease up your garage door’s moving parts will help it last for a long time to come. Just a small amount of lubrication can make a big difference when it comes to preventing noise and keeping your residential garage door opening and closing properly. Use a spray lubricant to coat the opener’s chain or drive screw. You can also add some lubricant to the overhead springs, hinges, rollers, and tracks.

2. Test The Balance Of Your Omaha Garage Door

If a garage door is not correctly balanced, the overhead door will have to work extra hard and therefore will not last as long. In order to extend the life of your opener and keep your door operating smoothly, you need to test the balance of your commercial garage door. Simply disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle. Next, partly open the door manually. If the door is correctly balanced, it will maintain this position without any assistance from you. However, if it moves up or down on one side or the other you will need to adjust the springs. As this can be a delicate matter, it is best to call our team of professionals at AAA Garage Door Inc. to ensure you get the balance just right.

3. Tighten The Hardware

Since a garage door opens and closes several times in a day, it’s not unusual for the hardware to become loose over time. In fact, the average overhead door opens and closes over a thousand times a year and all of this movement can naturally cause different elements to loosen. Be sure to check the hardware from time to time and tighten any parts that appear to have become loose or contact us at AAA Garage Door Inc. and let our garage door specialists check over your hardware for you.

4. Check The Auto-Reverse Feature

Testing the auto-reverse feature once or twice per year is a good practice to get into. Designed as a safety feature, the door should automatically reverse when it comes into contact with something as it is closing. To test it, you can put a large item in the path of the door, between the door and the ground. If your Omaha garage door starts reversing automatically when it comes into contact with the object, it is working correctly.

More modern door openers often have a photoelectric system, which is used to detect people or pets walking under the door. As the door is closing, simply wave your foot underneath it and the door should auto-reverse. If your door fails to auto-reverse in either test, you will need to have your garage door opener repaired. You can also avail of our comprehensive Garage Door Safety Tune-Up Service at AAA Garage Door Inc. so that you can rest easy knowing that your garage will not be the cause of damage or injury.

5. Visual Garage Door Inspection

Inspecting your garage for water damage, chips and peeling paint from time to time is important to prevent any low-level damage from getting worse. Depending on what material your garage door is constructed from, you may need to carry out additional maintenance. For example, if your door is made of steel, rust spots may develop which will need to be sanded, primed and painted. A timber overhead garage door, on the other hand, may need to be treated to keep the wood from becoming damaged from exposure to the elements. At AAA Garage Door Inc., we offer a weather seal and preventative maintenance service that are specifically designed to help keep your garage door from encountering unnecessary problems.

Get Help From The Pros With Your Garage Door Maintenance

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Ensuring that your garage door is properly maintained is vital in making sure that it stands the test of time and that it will operate smoothly. If you need assistance with your garage door maintenance, get in touch with our team of garage door experts at AAA Garage Door Inc., today. With our extensive experience with garage doors, you can be sure that your garage door will be in good hands.

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How To Choose The Right Material For Your Garage Door

Installing a new garage door in your home will not only add value to your property, but it can also improve the overall aesthetic of your home. Nowadays, overhead doors for your garage come in a range of materials with an option to suit the style of every home. Here at AAA Garage Door Inc., we pride ourselves in providing the very best garage doors, constructed of the most durable, long-lasting, and toughest materials.

Popular Garage Door Materials 

When you’re selecting a garage door, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the style of your home. The color scheme you already have in place to ensure that your new overhead door material complements the overall appearance of your Omaha home. Understanding some of the most popular materials can help you to make the right choice for your property.

Steel Garage Doors

For homeowners that want the widest selection of design options, insulation, and pricing, Clopay® steel garage doors are a fantastic option. Whether you desire a classic raised panel garage door or you want an overhead door with a sleek modern finish, with the Clopay® range, you have a lot of different options for customization.

a steel garage door

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Different garage door collections offer different benefits such as reinforced WindCode doors for those living in areas exposed to high winds, an Ultra-Grain® finish that gives a natural wood grain texture and a range of different hardware, window and paint options that offer more than 100 different styles for you to choose from.

Aluminum And Glass Garage Doors

Homeowners looking to bring some contemporary flair to their home should consider an aluminum garage door. With the option to add glass more natural light and warmth can be infused into your space, creating an area that you can really utilize. For more privacy, you can choose a glass finish that provides the right balance of obscurity and light transmission to give you the result you want.

glass garage door installed in Omaha NE by a AAA garage door expert

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Featuring rust-proof and corrosion-resistant metal, these Clopay® doors are built to last. Not only will this style of garage door help you to modernize the overall look of your Omaha home, but you can also match the existing color scheme of your house.

Wood Garage Doors

a completed garage door installation in Fremont Nebraska

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Wood garage doors are a classic option. They provide your home with a beautiful and authentic material that no other door can capture. They also can be made custom to any specifications you’d like and to top it all off, they are dent-proof. If you’re worried children, cars, or branches are going to damage your door, a  wood garage door is a durable and smart choice. On the other hand, they require high maintenance and they are usually a bit pricier than other residential garage doors. You get what you pay for when buying a wooden garage door. 

Make The Right Choice For Your Home

With so many different options and combinations to choose from, it can be overwhelming for homeowners to decide on the right material for their overhead garage door. To ensure that you make the right choice for your home, get in touch with our garage door experts at AAA Garage Doors Inc., today. With our expert knowledge and extensive experience with garage door repairs and installation, we can help you to choose the best material and style for your new Omaha our surround areas garage doors.

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Expand Your Omaha Living Space With A Garage Conversion Or Renovation

Many Omaha residents face the dilemma of just not having enough room for their growing families. The homes that once felt open and roomy can quickly close in when children are born, when college kids return home or when older relatives move in. Rather than pack up and move every time your space needs change, one option is to consider a garage conversion.

Whether you need a man cave, a “she space,” a home gym, at-home office or have some other need for additional space; this article discusses the many ways an existing garage can be converted into a comfortable living area.

a man renovating his garage

The Garage Is Just An Extension Of Your Home

If you think about it, the garage isn’t an extension of the great outdoors. At AAA Garage Doors, we always say a residential garage is an extension of the inside of your home. When it’s time to take advantage of the extra space the garage area affords, there are several ways homeowners can repurpose that space into an optimized useable square footage.

Many newer Omaha homes already have a head start on this type of garage renovation, with installed drywall, windows, secure doors, and even heating/cooling. If this isn’t the case in your residential situation, those items are often a good place to start.

Intended Use Dictates Garage Expansion Renovation Planning

The first area our local garage technicians recommend looking into, before starting any garage expansion project, is to identify what the existing space is intended to be used for. Of course, budget is also a huge consideration but having an idea of the intention of the space really drives all the renovation decisions that follow. If you are converting your garage for a home gym, you may wish to use an epoxy coating or padded mat flooring, for example. If you are going for a more full-time living space like a room or man-cave, you may prefer laminate or tile flooring, or you may wish to accent the external garage door with a wooden style.

A Well-Fitting, Quiet Garage Door System Is A Must For Garage Extension Renovation

Next, making sure there is a well-insulated, maintained, and adequately fitting garage door is an essential part of any garage renovation project. You’ll want to make sure the seal around the door is airtight, keeping heating costs down and potential insects and invaders out. Installing an updated and quiet opener system will be necessary, as well. When the garage becomes a living space, its use also increases.

AAA Garage Door, Inc. in Omaha and Fremont has many residential garage door styles and designs that even include large windows that could help allow natural light, making the renovated space seem much less like a garage and more like just another room in your home.

We Can Assist You In Adding A New Garage Door To Your Expanded Living Space

Having a well-insulated maintained and properly fitting garage door in Omaha is essential for these types of garage renovations and AAA Garage Door, Inc. has several options including overhead doors with large window openings that can truly make a converted space feel just like home. Contact our garage door experts at (402) 727-0789 to talk about ways to enhance your home’s value with a new Omaha overhead garage door.

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7 Reasons Why Omaha Homeowners Should Invest In A New Garage Door System

Adding a new garage door to your Omaha home adds much more than just a barrier between your home and the great outdoors. In fact, a new overhead garage door can bring value in ways you probably haven’t even considered.

AAA Garage Door, Inc. wants you to know that when it comes to garage doors in Omaha, having one that is both great looking and functioning can bring homeowners many positive returns. After all, the overhead door on the front of your home makes up between 20 and 40 percent of the facade and is often one of the first noticeable things potential buyers see.

Here are seven ways a new garage door can make perfect sense by bringing benefits that add up to real value.

Increase Your Omaha Home’s Value

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost Vs. Value report, upgrading an aging garage door can really boost the resale potential for your home. The all-in cost of replacing an outdated overhead door with an upscale steel model like that available from AAA Garage Door, Inc. and Clopay boosts your home’s value by 97.3% of what it costs to install.

Eliminate Costly, Unplanned Garage Door Repairs

Replacing a garage door that isn’t performing well can help homeowners avoid unexpected repairs that can cost much more when performed on an emergency basis. Getting your garage door repaired and keeping it that way through ongoing inspection and preventative maintenance can save inconvenience and cost.

Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

When you consider that your overhead garage system and door are essentially the only things standing between your family and potential intruders, the price of security and peace of mind is minimal compared to the alternative.

Provide Energy Efficiency And Lower Heating/Cooling Costs

If homeowners could just think about their garage as an extension of the home (and not an extension to the outside), they may find it more important to replace the overhead garage door as a proactive way to create energy efficiencies. A new overhead door with proper insulation and energy-efficient features can prevent cold or hot air from seeping into the home you are paying to heat and cool all season long.

Reduce The Possibility of Accidental Injury

Aging garage doors are potential accidents just waiting to happen. Electronic sensors that do not have working emergency release features or aging, weakened springs and tensioners can be really dangerous to those operating the door. The value of making sure your overhead door is safe and functioning optimally is priceless.

Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Home And Neighborhood

Newer garage doors are designed to provide so much more than just a barrier for your home. Today’s garage systems and doors, like those made by Clopay and offered by AAA Garage Door, Inc. in Omaha are decorative as well as energy efficient and safe. Enhancing the appearance of your home’s exterior can pay off when it’s time to put your home on the market.

Minimize Noise Caused By Older Garage Door Opener Systems

Older garage door systems can be extremely noisy, especially when rollers become misaligned. Newer garage opening systems are designed to be very quiet, enhancing enjoyment for your entire family.

With this many potential benefits and the relatively low cost to repair or replace your residential door and garage system, the value far outweighs the many excuses homeowners find for not replacing those aging, sometimes dangerous older garage doors.

It’s time to contact AAA Garage Door, Inc. to talk about ways to enhance your home’s value with a new Omaha overhead garage door. Call us at (402) 727-0789.

4 Benefits of Garage Door Replacement

4 Benefits of Garage Door Replacement

It’s true that a new garage door is known to add resale value, but its replacement can do much more than increase the bottom line sales price of your home. For the long-term enjoyment of your home, even if you aren’t looking to put it on the market anytime soon, a new residential overhead door can bring hidden value that really should be considered especially for the relatively small investment.

1. Improve Overall Curb Appeal with a New Residential Garage Door

First, replacement garage doors are an excellent way to improve overall curb appeal. In an independent study conducted by Clopay, a U.S. manufacturer of residential overhead doors, 80 percent of Realtors said a new Omaha garage door increases the overall listing price of a home. Something so simple and affordable that can substantially increase your home’s curb appeal is worth a look when you are going through the list of home improvements that bring high impact.

2. Add A Reliable Barrier of Security with a New Overhead Door

Additionally, consider the value that your residential garage door has as a primary security barrier, keeping you and your family safe. Some older garage doors don’t have the security features that newer overhead doors offer from tamper-proof mechanisms and openers to tight-fitting seals and quality construction.

3. Having a Safe, Functional Garage Door is Invaluable

Value is also found in having a residential garage door that works optimally to minimize the risk of accidental injury. As overhead doors age, the parts that are continually under pressure weaken and become potential hazards to anyone operating or near your Omaha garage door. Openers that have worn or non-functioning electronic sensors pose potential crush risks and should be replaced with updated, working technology for the mere fact they can be very dangerous for you and your family.

4. Added Value from a New Garage Door by Increased Energy Efficiency

Also, what about the value that comes from energy efficiency? New overhead garage doors, including those available right here in Omaha from AAA Garage Door, Inc., can help save on heating and cooling costs. With a variety of options, insulation values, garage door materials, and styles, you’ll save money from day one when you replace your aging door with a new, energy-efficient Omaha garage door from AAA Garage Door, Inc. and Clopay.

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Don’t Put Off Replacing Your Residential Garage Door

With so much value riding on the overhead garage door at your residence, there isn’t any good excuse to put off garage door repair or replacement. Call AAA Garage Door, Inc. today at (402) 727-0789 or fill out a contact form to discuss a new garage door installation.

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The ROI of Garage Door Replacement: Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Compared to the cost of some other home improvement projects, garage door replacement is a relatively quick and affordable way to be certain your home stands out among all the others and can even increase its resale value when it comes time to sell your home.

a house with increased home value being sold

After all, the garage door is one of the first things potential buyers notice when looking at the front of your home, and if the overhead door is in ill repair or appears to be old, outdated or no longer in style, it can turn buyers away before they ever see what’s inside. Continue reading to learn what major studies have shown about the return on investment of garage door replacement.

70 Percent of Realtors Agree: A New Garage Door Can Help Sell Your Home

Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report has consistently identified upscale garage door replacement, especially for upscale homes, to pay off handsomely in terms of both curb appeal and resale value. Selecting a new overhead door that matches the price point, and architectural style for the home is an important consideration, they add.

Clopay partnered with an independent research firm to conduct nationwide research around realtors’ perceptions of garage doors as a worthwhile investment for homeowners before to listing a residence for sale. The results overwhelmingly supported the return on investment of overhead garage door replacement with 70 percent of realtors agreeing that a new garage door helps sell a home faster. Over 80 percent acknowledged that a new overhead door could impact the value of your home.

A New Overhead Garage Door Can Increase the Potential Selling Price of Your Home by 4%

Another interesting point of the study was found when realtors were asked to provide an estimated listing price for several homes featured in “before and after” garage door installations ranging from inexpensive replacements to high-end upgrades. Knowing that the only difference in the images they saw was the garage door, the findings pointed to realtors’ assigning selling prices as much as 4 percent higher to the homes with new garage doors. With the average U.S. home price estimated at $206,300 in 2017, this could add up to an increase of between $8,000 and $14,000 to a home’s selling price just by investing in a new or upgraded overhead garage door prior to listing.

Should you replace your garage door if you’re selling your home?

If you’re in the process of renovating your home in hopes to increase its selling price then garage door replacement has the best ROI out of any other home improvement project. It instantly increases your home’s curb appeal, especially when you choose the right residential garage door style. It’ll save you money in the long run and it won’t take long at all for a professional garage door company to install a new garage door. Lastly, make sure to choose a high-quality garage door company when deciding on your door. Most realtors will be able to identify and notify their clients if a low-quality door was thrown up on a house to try and increase its value.

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AAA Garage Doors Offers High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Clopay Garage Doors.

Selecting high-quality and energy-efficient options like Clopay, available in Omaha from AAA Garage Door, Inc., homeowners can enjoy both style and function all while increasing the value of their home.

Call AAA Garage Doors, Inc. at (402) 727-0789 to talk about the many ways a new overhead door could increase the ROI of your future home’s sale. With a wide variety of styles and price points, Clopay is designed and manufactured in the USA and is the only garage door manufacturer backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, a market of exceptional quality and reliability.

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The Ultimate Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

A Helpful Guide for Omaha Residents for Keeping Older Overhead Doors in Top-Notch Condition

Overhead garage doors aren’t made to last forever, but adhering to a regular maintenance schedule can certainly help prolong their life. This helpful checklist includes tips as simple as regular lubrication of mechanical garage door parts to keep them working smoothly – to more in-depth attention to the springs, hinges, and rollers – to keeping the remote controllers and sensors in proper working order.

AAA garage door serviceman fixing a garage door spring

AAA Garage Door, Inc. can take the worry out of overhead garage door maintenance by coming on a regular schedule to inspect and remedy problems before they even occur. In between regular visits from our professional team of garage door services experts, here are some things you should add to your checklist and keep an eye on:

  • Inspect your overhead garage door and make sure the emergency cord is both present and in working order. In the event of a power outage, you’ll need this feature working well so you can bypass the power-equipped features and open or close your door.
  • If your garage door should become dented or damaged (as in a direct hit from a vehicle or some other object), you should make a careful assessment to be sure the door’s operation hasn’t been affected. AAA Garage Door, Inc. has a wide variety of garage door parts available to repair even the smallest issues. Rollers that are not moving freely or a door that may have become bent can cause wear on your residential garage door and do real, long-term damage if left unrepaired.
  • Take a look at the joints between the sections of your door. If you can see daylight through these joints when the door is down, or if there are gaps or the sections appear misaligned, your Omaha garage door definitely isn’t weather-tight. You are losing valuable heating and cooling through your overhead door.
  • Find the springs and examine them with a critical eye. But, don’t get too close if they appear broken, worn or rusted; it’s just a matter of time before one can break, causing frustration and inconvenience, not to mention potential injury. Replacing the garage door parts, i.e. springs, is dangerous if you don’t have the right tools and experience. If they look worn at all, it’s best to call in the garage door service experts in Omaha, AAA Garage Door, Inc.
  • Inspect the hinges on your residential garage door. If you see anything bent or twisted, or if there are loose or missing screws, further attention is required.
  • How do the rollers look? If any are broken or worn, or if they don’t roll freely in the tracks, they are likely ready for replacement.
  • Test the mechanical safety reverse system if you have an automatic garage door opener installed. Place an object like a piece of wood on the door’s threshold and try to close the door using your remote controller. The door should go back up immediately when it comes in contact with the wood object. If not, it isn’t safe for your family or pets and will not prevent accidental entrapment or injury. This needs fixed right away.
  • Test the photoelectric safety system on your commercial overhead garage door. These are the “electric eyes” on each side of the door that should prevent your door from closing if an object breaks the safety beam. These can sometimes get misaligned or bent, rendering them ineffective in doing their important job.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the wall control unit and test the open/close functions. For the remote controllers themselves, change the batteries at least once a year and test to be sure they still connect properly with the door opener antenna.
  • Lubrication of all the metal garage door parts and opener should be completed every six months. Before and after the winter season are ideal times.

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Some Garage Door Repairs Require Expert Service. Call AAA Garage Door, Inc. at (402) 727-0789

If you keep an eye on these simple things, your Omaha residential garage door, even older doors, can perform better longer. Most important, completing the simple inspections and regular maintenance details on this checklist can give you the peace of mind that your garage door is both safe and reliable.

AAA Garage Door, Inc. is the Omaha expert for everything from garage door parts, simple repairs, regular maintenance, and inspection, to total replacement. When you see an issue, don’t wait! Call us at (402) 727-0789.

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5 Weatherproofing Tips to Keep Your Garage Warm

Making sure your garage door’s seal is tight is incredibly important, especially during the winter months when the goal is to keep the extreme cold out and utility bills low. You may be surprised to know just how much warm air escapes in the winter months through your residential garage door, especially if you haven’t given it regular maintenance or attention.

a garage door covered in snow

There are ways to resolve this issue, and it starts by making time to winterize your garage space well before the flurries start flying. It is never too late to make necessary repairs or to invest in proper winterizing solutions to help keep the warmth in, where it belongs. It doesn’t matter if you want to get ahead of the game this winter or if you’re trying to seal your garage door with snow already on the ground, these 4 weatherproofing tips for your garage door will help!

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5 Tips to Weatherproof Your Garage Door

The garage door service experts at AAA Garage Door, Inc. have some tips for Omaha homeowners who are looking to tackle some of the common things that can cause garage spaces to become a drain on heating costs during the colder months. Here are some tips we’ve picked up on since we began garage door seal maintenance over 25 years ago:

1. Inspect and Replace Garage Insulation

Garages are often overlooked when it comes to insulation, and that is something that can and does make a big difference in containing the warm air that your HVAC system generates. Insulating the walls and the residential garage door itself can really make a difference, and there are a variety of ways to do this.

Fiberglass batt insulation is fairly inexpensive but does require some skill to install properly, and it can be tricky and messy. When it comes to the garage door itself, many of the older wood, aluminum or metal doors aren’t conducive to adding insulation. There are many new overhead doors that feature integrated insulation. 

2. Weatherstripping, Cracks, and Holes

When is the last time you inspected the weatherstripping seal around your garage door? These take the brunt of harsh weather in addition to repeated opening and closing which can cause them to become brittle and crack, break or become ineffective. During winter, the rubber stripping on your garage door can literally freeze to the ground or threshold, causing it to rip, tear, or cause the lifting mechanism of your overhead door to work harder to do its job. If you find that your garage door weatherstripping has any visible damage we recommend you replace your garage door seals before the winter comes.

You’ll also want to remove any snow or ice from the area where your door seals; ice chunks or snow clinging to the door can interfere with the photoelectric eye, which could cause the door to come partially down, then go right back up without closing. If you choose to remove the old seal and plan to apply a new weatherstrip, be sure to replace the weatherproof seal with a high-quality product designed to remain pliable at any temperature.

Next, take a moment to inspect the garage walls, areas around windows and doors where small cracks or openings are creating cold drafts. Caulk and seal those areas to minimize heat loss as well as seal any gaps that might have formed.

3. Check The Moving Parts

Overhead garage doors rely on several metal components to operate. When the temperature gets cold, metal contracts and can cause your Omaha garage door to perform poorly or even stop working altogether if those same components break. Rollers can become brittle in cold air, causing them to crack. Take a few moments to look at the various moving parts. If you see anything that looks broken or out of place, it’s time to repair those pieces before the cold weather starts to move in.

4. Inspect weatherstripping between garage door panels

This tip only applies to some garage door designs. If your garage door has room to apply weatherstrippings in-between the individual door panels then we recommend you do this with v-shaped garage door weatherstripping. This will significantly increase the efficiency in which your garage door maintains heat.

This isn’t the same as bottom weatherstripping and side weatherstripping that’s located on the bottom of the garage door and on the sides. This seal is located in-between each door panel and provides the door and your garage with extra insulation.

5. Call a Professional 

If you want a professional opinion on garage weatherproofing then look no further than AAA Garage Door in Omaha NE. We specialize in weatherstrip replacement,  garage door efficiency, and overall preventative maintenance that will save you money this winter. If any of these garage weatherproofing tips seem too hard to fix on your own then let us do the hard work for you!

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Energy-Efficient Garage Door Buying Guide for Nebraska Homeowners

an energy efficient garage door

Energy-Efficient Garage Door Buying Guide

When the frigid weather sets in, many homeowners look for ways to help control heating costs. While you can do many things to lower those utility bills, an often overlooked area of the home is the garage and the overhead door that stands between your family and the outside elements.

This article explains how energy-efficiency for garage doors is measured and how your unique situation determines the amount of insulation needed. Besides investing in a brand-new door, you should have a professional examine your residential garage door for issues such as poor insulation, worn or missing weatherstripping and higher long-term heating and cooling costs. If you need a replacement, we offer plenty of energy-saving garage doors for your selection.

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How Do You Measure Garage Door Efficiency With R-Value?

Most of us know that insulation is essential to keeping our garages and homes more energy-efficient. However, you may not realize that insulation is not a “one size fits all” solution, especially when it comes to Omaha residential garage doors. There are many issues to consider, from thermal resistance factors to appropriate R-values, and each will directly impact just how must energy efficiency can be expected.

What Is the R-Value?

The R-value is an industry-standard for measuring the thermal resistance of certain construction materials. This measurement takes into account the thermal conductivity, which is the ability of cold or heat to pass through a wall. The higher the garage door R-value, the greater its insulating properties.

Most of the garage doors we offer have R-values ranging from 6.3 to 20.4, depending on these qualities of the product:

  • Thickness: We provide a selection of garage doors that range from one-layer to five-layer construction to enhance energy efficiency.
  • Material: Some materials, such as wood, are natural insulators, but others need an additional layer of insulation to be effective.
  • Type of insulation: High-quality insulation materials can make your garage door more energy-efficient.

When Should I Increase My R-Value?

Knowing which R-value is best suited to your needs depends on a variety of things, including whether your garage is attached or detached. Invest in a garage door with a higher R-rating for garage insulation in the following conditions:

  • You have an attached garage: An attached garage often has a door leading into the central part of the house. Energy-efficient garage doors can prevent heat from seeping through this entry so your home can be comfortable in harsh weather conditions.
  • You want to lower your home’s energy costs: Since the garage makes up such a large portion of your house, its opening can bring in or release heat if it’s not energy-efficient. As a result, your HVAC system will have to work harder to maintain your house’s temperature. To save money on energy costs, get a garage door with a high R-value.
  • You spend a lot of time in the garage: You might have a workshop or office in your garage that requires you to spend a lot of time in it. Even if you only use it to park your car each night, you probably want a comfortable place to step out and go into your house. A garage door with a high R-value can ensure you have a pleasant environment when you’re spending time in the garage or coming home from work.

explaining which r value is best for different situations

Which R-Value Is Best for My Garage Door?

If you fall into one of the categories above and want to increase your home’s R-Value then it’s important to understand what R-Value is best for your garage.

  • We recommend an R-Value of 0-6 for detached garages.
  • We recommend an R-Value of 7-9 for an attached garage.
  • We recommend an R-Value of 10-13 for heated garages.
  • We recommend an R-Value of 14+ for a garage that’s used as a living space or shares a wall with a living space.

What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Garage Door Material?

If you want an energy-efficient garage door, you’ll want to select a design with energy-saving material. You can choose any door to complement your exterior property, but if it’s not energy-efficient, you’ll have to add a layer of insulation. Consider which insulation and material would work best for your property.

Energy-Efficient Garage Door Insulation Materials

Even if you choose a material that doesn’t have adequate insulation qualities, you could add layers of insulation to increase your door’s energy efficiency and durability. We offer the following insulation materials that make your garage door energy-efficient:

  • Polyurethane: You can add a layer of energy-efficient Intellicore® polyurethane to your Clopay® residential garage door. The manufacturer injects a polyurethane foam between the door’s layers so it fills every crevice. As it expands, the foam bonds to the frame to enhance the door’s durability. Polyurethane also offers a high level of sound isolation and can help regulate the temperature if you live in a harsh climate and enter the house through the garage door.
  • Polystyrene: Even though polyurethane insulation foam is much more energy-efficient than polystyrene, you can consider polystyrene if you’re on a tight budget. This material comes in rigid panels that the manufacturer inserts between the layers of the door or inside your single-layer product, with a vinyl back that holds it in place. If you have a budget-friendly single-layer garage door, you should invest in this type of insulation if you want a quieter door that lowers your monthly energy costs.

Energy-Efficient Garage Door Materials

The garage door material you choose depends on your local climate and your aesthetic preferences. As long as you have the right insulation for your selection, you can select any type of material for your garage door. Consider which of these materials would best complement your property:

  • Steel: Insulated steel garage doors feature at least two metal layers with your choice of insulation placed in the center. You could also find a one-layer construction with a panel of padding on the back. Besides being energy efficient, steel is also resistant to warping, cracking and harsh effects from the elements. Keep in mind that steel can corrode in coastal climates without the proper treatment.
  • Wood: Eco-friendly garage doors made from wood contain two layers of wood with your choice of insulation tucked inside. A wooden product gives your home a natural, luxurious appearance. If you live in a humid climate, wood could rot or warp from moisture damage, so you would need to treat it or invest in a moisture-resistant wood species.
  • Composite: Wood composite panels often complement a steel garage door’s design because it looks like natural wood. Faux wood cladding offers a layer of insulation that can make your garage more comfortable in harsh weather conditions.

Carriage house garage doors tend to be the most energy-efficient because of their layers of various materials. We also offer some modern doors that can complement your home outside while providing a comfortable temperature inside. Browse the design brochure to determine whether you can get 2-inch Intellicore® polyurethane, 2-inch polystyrene or 1 3/8-inch polystyrene insulation. Besides your choice of polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, you can also get WINDCODE® reinforcement if you live in an area with heavy winds.

View Our Energy Efficient Garage Door Styles

Our inventory includes the following energy-efficient garage doors:

  • CANYON RIDGE® collection LIMITED EDITION series: The CANYON RIDGE® collection LIMITED EDITION series features a five-layer, energy-efficient carriage house door with Intellicore® insulation along with a steel base. Faux wood cladding and overlays provide additional insulation and the appearance of natural wood. Besides considering the energy efficiency, you can also select the base color and pattern, hardware and style of windows.
  • CANYON RIDGE® collection ULTRA-GRAIN® series: The garage doors in the CANYON RIDGE® collection ULTRA-GRAIN® series include four-layer construction with durable steel and wood composite overlays. You can also cover the steel base with an Ultra-Grain® finish that gives it the look of natural wood. Complete your custom-made product by choosing complementary hardware and windows.
  • CANYON RIDGE® collection MODERN series: The CANYON RIDGE® collection MODERN series features doors with four-layer construction, including durable wood composite, steel and Intellicore® insulation panels. The R-values of this door range from 6.3 to 20.4. This series complements a contemporary or modern home in contrast to the traditional look of the other garage doors in the CANYON RIDGE® collection. For a mixed material appearance, you can also get aluminum inlays.
  • COACHMAN® collection: If you want a garage door with the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality, consider the COACHMAN® collection. The products of this collection feature a low-maintenance, long-lasting steel door with the appearance of natural wood. Its four-layer construction is durable and energy-efficient while also enhancing the visual quality of your home. You can select from various design options for the panels, composite wood overlay pattern, factory-finish colors, hardware and windows.
  • GALLERY® collection: The garage doors in the GALLERY® collection feature traditional raised steel panels that you can customize to provide enough thickness for your property, depending on the climate. Besides choosing insulation, you can also design the color, window and hardware of your door.
  • The MODERN STEEL™ collection: The MODERN STEEL™ collection has custom options for its layered steel construction depending on your desired level of insulation to complement your contemporary home’s style. You can also get energy-efficient windows to bring natural light into your garage.

an insulated garage door saves energy and lowers your utility bill

Do Insulated Garage Doors Save Energy?

An insulated garage door saves energy and lowers the cost of your monthly utility bill. However, you should consider more than the material and layers of insulation. Even with a high-efficiency, well-insulated Omaha garage door, your garage can’t save energy if other repair issues need addressing. If you want an energy-efficient garage, you should also:

  • Insulate the walls of your garage to reduce heat loss.
  • Regularly inspect and repair gaps between the sections or joints of a door or frame.
  • Replace worn weatherstripping on the bottom of the overhead door and around the perimeter.
  • Use quality weatherstripping and siding materials designed to remain flexible in all kinds of weather and temperatures.
  • Invest in a smart garage door opener connected to your phone to help you close the door, even after you’ve left the house.
  • Make sure a professional garage door technician installs your unit securely and correctly.
  • Order energy-efficient windows to go along with your garage door.
  • Install high-quality hardware — including the track, frame and rollers — so your door rolls into place and doesn’t leak air when it operates.

the benefits a energy efficient garage door gives you

Is an Energy-Efficient Garage Door Worth It?

Even though an insulated garage door has a higher upfront cost, you’ll save money in other ways. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in an energy-saving garage door:

  • Increase your property value: If you plan on selling your property, an energy-efficient residential garage door can add value to your home. Potential homebuyers enjoy an energy-efficient house because it means they’ll save money while they live in it. Besides having an aesthetic appeal, a brand-new component to your property will make your living space more valuable.
  • Reduce heat loss through your garage: If you have an attached garage, it shares a wall with one of your interior rooms. Any energy lost in your garage could affect the temperature of the whole house. Even if your garage isn’t insulated, an energy-efficient garage door controls the transfer of heat.
  • Better sound isolation: Besides keeping in heat, well-insulated garage doors can also block sound. You can have privacy in your home without disturbing your neighbors, and you can sleep better at night without hearing the noise from outside. An insulated door also operates quieter, so you don’t have to disturb the whole house when you run it.
  • Save money on utility costs: When you’re able to control the transfer of heat into and out of your garage, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your home’s temperature to save money on your monthly utility bill.
  • Protect your car battery: When you come home, you store your vehicle in the garage to protect it from possible weather damage. When the temperature in your garage is too hot or cold, it could damage your car’s battery and reduce its lifespan. If you invest in an insulated garage door, you can keep your vehicle running for a longer time.
  • Keep your home comfortable: When the inside air is the same as the outside, it can get stuffy in the summer and frigid in the winter. Instead of piling blankets on to stay warm, you can invest in an insulated garage door to help maintain a comfortable atmosphere throughout your living space.
  • Protect your door from weather and intruder damage: Garage doors with insulation are typically more reliable and durable than ones without it. If you live in a climate with harsh weather conditions, you may want an insulated garage door to protect your valuables from hurricanes, blizzards or floods. You could also repel intruders who try to break in through the weak spots of your door.
  • Make better use of your garage: If you use your garage for more than just storing your vehicle or entering the house, you should have an insulated garage door to provide a pleasant environment while you work.

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Browse Our Selection of Energy-Saving Garage Doors

View Our Energy Efficient Garage Door Styles

The experts at AAA Garage Door, Inc. can quickly assess how much you could save in energy costs by inspecting your existing overhead door. Whether you need simple repairs or are looking to install a new, energy-efficient overhead garage door, we can help. Contact us online or call us today at 402-727-0789 to request an estimate.

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