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5 Common Garage Door Problems

Most of us have an overhead garage door in our lives. We rely on it to open and close on command and operate much like a utility. When the opener remote button is pressed, we expect the door to respond by opening or closing. Much like a light switch or water faucet, the overhead garage door typically does just what is asked of it time and again.

Like anything with moving parts, garage doors can and do fail without proper maintenance and attention. When it happens to you, it can be costly and inconvenient. That’s why AAA Garage Door, Inc. recommends regular garage door services, maintenance, and inspection to avoid some of the most common problems that can affect the operation of a residential garage door:

1. Remote Control Doesn’t Cause the Door to Open/Close When Pressed

This is one of the most common issues that can occur with garage doors, and it can be attributed to a number of issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing the remote control battery, while other times a bad power connection or more serious mechanical issues with the door itself are at fault.

2. Door Starts to Close, Then Reverses and Opens Again

This can be caused by a door sensor eye that is out of alignment or something might be blocking the motion sensor itself. It can also be caused by broken cables, a bent track or a worn extension spring cable pulley. These issues are best resolved by an Omaha garage door services professional who is able to diagnose and repair the problem safely and effectively.

3. The Door Randomly Opens and Closes by Itself

While you may be tempted to blame the spooks living in your crawl space, it is more likely a problem with the circuit board on the overhead garage door unit. Aging batteries in the remote control units or radio interference can also be at the root of this annoying problem.

4. The Door Operates Very Loudly, Making Squeaking or Grinding Sounds

These are classic indicators of worn and aging garage door parts that need to be replaced. Rollers, bearings, frayed cables, torsion springs, and other culprits are signs that it is only a matter of time before a more serious failure takes place.

5. The Garage Door Opens, But Very Slowly

This is annoying, but also a sign that something is awry in the operating of the garage door parts. It could be something as simple as a need for added lubrication, or it may be a warped door track or broken spring that needs attention.

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From a door that just won’t open to issues with remotes and mounted garage door openers, to problems with rollers, cables or springs – there are so many things that can keep an Omaha garage door from working properly.

Rather than trying to pinpoint common problems on your own, it is always best to contact an experienced technician who can quickly diagnose and safely repair common overhead residential garage door systems.

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Felipe Pinales

Reviewed By: Felipe Pinales - Felipe is Nebraska’s first IDEA-certified Master Technician. He has been employed by AAA Garage Door for 6+ years, and has had the Master Technician Certification in his sights since he began. Felipe has also passed four written examinations including Residential Installer Certification, Commercial Sectional Door Systems Technician Certification, Commercial Rolling Door Systems Technician Certification, and Rolling Steel Fire Door Technician Certification. Felipe is constantly looking for ways to improve his abilities within our industry. His goal is to become the best garage door technician possible to best assist his customers and fellow co-workers.