Sommer evo+ Garage Door Opener

The Next Garage Door Opener Evolution ​

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Direct Drive Technology - Only One Moving Part

Extremely durable and long lasting due to only one moving part.   ​The motor is located at the door instead of the back of the opener, maximizing power and minimizing wear and tear. Extremely quiet garage door opener with virtually no vibrations. Perfect for homes with living spaces above or near the garage.


  • ​Extremely quiet and smooth garage door operation
  • Reliable opener system because of only one moving part
  • DC- motor is directly attached to the door providing maximum lifting force
  • Lifetime Warranty on motor
  • 2- year warranty on accessories (photo sensors, wall station, transmitters, etc.)
  • LED technology: durable, efficient lighting
  • Made in Germany
  • Standby power <1 Watt. (corresponds to approx. only $1.00 in energy cost per year)
  • UL325 certified


  • Advanced object and force detection system
  • Automatic locking and counter pressure in case of an attempted break-in
  • Very secure 128 bit encryption radio technology (rolling code)
  • Emergency release can be locked or unlocked in any position
  • Optional battery backup for emergency operation in the event of a power failure
  • Optional locking magnet for motor,​ locks in any position​


  • Automatic learning process: self-learning force curve with continual adjustment
  • Optimal speed profile for quick opening and secure closing
  • Automatic optimization of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces
  • Active braking for moving doors
  • Countless setting and inquiring options via SOMlink


  • Rail is long enough for 8ft. tall doors 
  • Easy shortening or lengthening of the track possible (3ft. extension set # 10460V000)
  • Removable carriage without track disassembly
  • Countless ad on accessories e.g. Memo transmitter memory, Senso humidity sensor, Lock locking magnet, Lumi evo+ additional LED lighting, buzzer