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For more than 25 years, AAA Garage Doors has been serving businesses in need of commercial garage door repair in Omaha, Elkhorn, Boys Town and other eastern Nebraska areas.

We’re a locally owned and operated business, so we understand how important it is to have your commercial overhead doors functioning properly. Our team is ready to help your business with any repairs you may need.

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Nebraska Locations We Service

Types of Commercial Door Repairs We Provide

At AAA Garage Doors, we can take care of just about any problem you’re experiencing with your commercial overhead door. We perform the following services.

Broken Spring Repair

The springs of your commercial garage door work to counterbalance the weight of the door itself to raise and lower it smoothly. When they fail, your door may be unable to operate. Broken springs are dangerous and could cause injuries or further damage, so professional spring repairs and replacements are a must. 

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Broken Cable Repair

If you suspect your cables are damaged, don’t wait to schedule a repair. The cables of your commercial garage door system are under constant weight and tension. If a cable snaps while the door is open, the heavy door could fall and cause injuries. Our experienced technicians will quickly and safely repair your cables and restore your overhead garage door to optimal functionality.

Door Roller Repair

When commercial garage door rollers malfunction, they can cause extensive additional damage to your door. Damaged rollers can knock a door off its tracks, bend the tracks and add unnecessary strain to your garage door opener.

For efficient and affordable commercial door roller repair in Fremont, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas, there’s no better choice than AAA Garage Doors. Our team will arrive fully equipped to repair any damages that have occurred and replace your busted rollers.

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Hinge Repair

Hinges are some of the smallest components of your commercial garage door system, but they tie together all of the sections of your door and allow it to open and close smoothly. Over time, the hinges of your garage doors can become worn, rusted or loosened. Any damage to these small parts can cause major door malfunctions.

Whether you’re concerned about one hinge or you think you need several hinge repairs or replacements, we can help.

Damaged Panel Replacement

In a commercial environment, garage doors can be susceptible to damages from various impacts. As a result, you may find your doors have suffered dents that may inhibit the use of your door or throw off the alignment of the panels. If the damage is isolated to one section of your garage door, we may be able to replace the damaged panel instead of the entire door. 

Worn Weatherstripping Replacement

Your commercial garage door is the only thing standing between the contents of your facility and the outdoor elements. The weatherstripping found around your door is supposed to create a seal to keep out water, weather, debris and pests.

Our expert technicians know how to properly replace damaged weatherstripping, restoring a proper seal around your door and protecting your investments.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Commercial garage doors should have routine maintenance completed every 5,000 door cycles. Preventive maintenance keeps your overhead door in the best working order. When you bring in our professionals to service your doors, they can identify any worn or damaged parts before they break and require more costly repairs.

You can trust AAA Garage Doors to perform careful commercial door maintenance for your business in Omaha or anywhere else in eastern Nebraska

The Importance of Overhead Door Repair and Maintenance

Your commercial overhead garage door is one of the main entry points of your business. If your door isn’t working properly, it could slow down your business or prevent you from accessing your facility. Your door may continue to function with a broken part, but it could cause damage to other parts and lead to even more expensive and inconvenient repairs.

Quickly addressing your garage door repairs is the most effective way to protect your business and your wallet.

Contact AAA Garage Doors for Fast Repairs

We strive to provide the best quality commercial garage doors styles and replacement parts to businesses throughout the Omaha area. Our superior commercial installation services and excellent customer service have earned us the trust of local business owners for more than 25 years.

If you need commercial garage door repairs or maintenance, you can schedule service online or give us a call at 402-727-0789.

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