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How To Choose The Right Material For Your Garage Door

The Pros and Cons of Popular Garage Door Materials

Installing a new garage door in your home will not only add value to your property but can also improve its overall appearance. Nowadays, overhead doors for your garage come in a range of materials with an option to suit the style of every home. Here at AAA Garage Door Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the very best garage doors with durable, long-lasting materials.

As you explore what garage doors are made of, you may wonder how to determine which one is best. It’s easier to make your decision once you know the pros and cons of common garage door materials. Learn more about the different garage door types below.

Steel Garage Doors

  • Cost: Low to medium
  • Climates: All

For homeowners that want the widest selection of design options, insulation and pricing, Clopay® steel garage doors are a fantastic option. Clopay® is sure to have what you want, whether that’s a classic raised panel garage door or an overhead door with a sleek modern finish.

The pros of steel garage doors include:

  • Durability: Steel garage doors can tolerate frequent heavy use and can resist fire, weather and damage, making them suitable for all climates.
  • Low maintenance: You must wash and repaint your door to maintain its appearance.
  • Insulated: Insulation reduces noise, maintains your garage’s temperature, lowers your energy bills and provides protection from the weather.
  • Design flexibility: Different garage door collections offer different benefits, such as reinforced WindCode doors for those living in areas with high winds, an Ultra-Grain® finish that gives a natural wood grain texture and a range of hardware, window and paint options to give you more than 100 different styles to choose from.

The cons of steel garage doors include:

  • Rust: Lower-quality steel doors are prone to rust.
  • Higher energy bills: If you choose an uninsulated steel door, your monthly energy bills will probably increase.
  • Dents: Minor accidents can cause thinner doors to dent.

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Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors

glass garage door installed in Omaha NE by a AAA garage door expert

  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Climates: All 

Homeowners looking to bring some contemporary flair to their homes should consider an aluminum garage door. With this door’s glass panels, more natural light and warmth can be infused into your space, creating an area that you can fully utilize. For more privacy, you can choose a glass finish that provides the right balance of obscurity and light transmission to give you the result you want.

The pros of aluminum and glass garage doors include:

  • Durability: Featuring tempered glass and rust-proof and corrosion-resistant metal, these Clopay® doors are built to last. Tempered glass is four times stronger than standard glass, and heat- and scratch-resistant.
  • Design flexibility: Not only will this style of garage door help you to modernize the overall look of your Omaha home, but you can also match it to the existing color scheme of your house.
  • Increased natural light: Glass doors allow the maximum amount of natural light into your garage, brightening the space and allowing you to spend more time in there.
  • Low maintenance: You only have to clean the glass to maintain your garage door’s appearance.

The cons of aluminum and glass garage doors include:

  • Weight: Aluminum garage doors are heavier than others. They require an opener that can handle their weight.
  • Cost: Glass garage doors cost more than others because of their manufacturing process, materials and installation.
  • Insulation: The glass panels allow sunlight and heat into your garage. Depending on the season and climate, this may make your garage uncomfortable. You can choose a double-paned product or one with a coating to mitigate this effect.


Wood Garage Doors

the pros and cons of garage doors

  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Climates: Mild

Wood garage doors are a classic option. They provide your home with a beautiful and authentic material that no other door can replicate.

The pros of wood garage doors include:

  • Customization: You can customize wood garage doors to meet your specifications.
  • Durability: These doors resist scratches, dents and other minor damage.
  • Natural insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, so wood garage doors block out extreme cold and heat and loud sounds.

The cons of wood garage doors include:

  • Cost: They’re more expensive upfront, but wood garage doors offer a greater return on investment by increasing your property’s value.
  • Weight: Like glass and aluminum doors, wood ones are heavier and require an opener that can handle their weight.
  • Regular maintenance: These doors require regular maintenance to look their best. In climates with extreme temperatures, they may swell, rot or warp.

Vinyl Garage Doors

  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Climates: All

Vinyl is a durable synthetic material that adds luxury to your garage. These garage doors have many features to keep your garage safe and customize its look.

Here are some pros of vinyl doors:

  • Durability: Vinyl garage doors are practically indestructible. Even if scratches or scuffs occur, they’re less noticeable. Additionally, they’re weather-resistant and rust-proof, so they can withstand any climate.
  • Low maintenance: You don’t have to repaint vinyl garage doors.
  • Cost: These doors are more expensive than steel, but they’re more affordable than most other options. Their longevity and durability make them a cost-effective choice.

The cons of vinyl doors include:

  • Customization: After you choose what color you want your garage door to be, you can’t repaint it.
  • Insulation: A vinyl overhead door will only maintain the temperature in your garage if you purchase one with an insulation layer.

Wood Composite Garage Doors

reserve wood garage door

  • Cost: Low to medium
  • Climates: All

Wood composite doors are composed of recycled materials, like wood pieces and plastic fibers. These doors resemble wood doors but cost less.

Some pros of wood composite doors include:

  • Visual appeal: These doors replicate the beauty and elegance of wood overhead doors.
  • Durability: Because the doors aren’t 100% wood, you can install them in any climate without causing them to swell, warp or rot. They can have a steel base to further increase their durability.
  • Environmentally friendly: These doors are made of recycled and sustainable materials.

 The cons of wood composite doors include:

  • Material: Wood composite doors can replicate the look of wood, but they can only partially look and feel like real wood.
  • Damage: These doors can chip and crack.
  • Regular maintenance: Like wood doors, they require routine maintenance to keep up their appearance.

Make the Right Choice for Your Home

Choose the right garage door material for your home

With so many different options and combinations to choose from, it can be challenging for homeowners to decide on the right material for their overhead garage door. To ensure you make the right choice for your home, get in touch with our garage door experts at AAA Garage Doors Inc. today.

With our expert knowledge and extensive experience with garage door repairs and installation, we can help you choose the best material and style for your new garage door in Omaha and surrounding areas!

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