Carriage House Garage Door Guide

Carriage House Garage Door Guide

If you want to remodel your Colonial or mid-century modern house, consider upgrading you garage door to a carriage house design. A carriage-style garage door will increase the value of your home and provide a historic charm to your property. At AAA Garage Door in Omaha, Neb., we offer a variety of materials, colors, window designs and hardware for the exterior look of your overhead door. Use this buying guide to explore our carriage house garage doors for sale.

a carriage house garage door

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Different Types of Carriage House Garage Doors

1. Steel Carriage House Garage Doors

coachman garage door

The steel carriage house garage doors in our inventory feature durable, insulated steel panels with wood composite overlays, providing your home with a unique and sophisticated design. With steel and a fresh coat of Ultra-Grain® finish, your door could have the appearance of natural wood, but with less maintenance and higher durability.

We provide a variety of collections with elegant charm to complement the historic appeal of your property.

  • GALLERY® Collection: The vintage look and feel of the products in the GALLERY® Collection make these traditional raised steel panel doors stand out from the rest. You can customize your grooved-panel steel garage door from this collection with the right thickness of insulation for your climate. The color you choose should complement the theme of the rest of your house. Complete the look of your carriage house door with wrought-iron decorative hardware.
  • COACHMAN® CollectionThe COACHMAN® Collection has a reputation for its ideal mix of practicality and beauty. If you choose a carriage house garage door from this series, you’ll have a product that looks like wood but contains low-maintenance, long-lasting steel and insulation. A wood-grain textured composite overlay completes the design of the door, which you could also personalize according to your taste.
  • GRAND HARBOR® Collection: The doors from the GRAND HARBOR® Collection are a cost-effective, low-maintenance option for a coastal, yet historic, aesthetic for your home, especially in new construction. Our manufacturers apply a protective coating over the thick layer of steel to maintain the appearance and durability of the door.
  • CANYON RIDGE® Collection LIMITED EDITION Series: The LIMITED EDITION Series of this beautiful collection features energy-efficient carriage house doors with a steel base and Intellicore® insulation. The wood composite cladding and overlays contain natural wood fibers to give the material the appearance of various species of wood.

a door with the appearance of natural wood but with less maintenance and higher durability

2. Wood Carriage House Garage Doors

reserve wood garage door

A natural wood carriage house garage door would complement the appearance of any Craftsman or Colonial house. The RESERVE® WOOD Collection LIMITED EDITION Series showcases products with authentic carriage house designs paired with historical charm and character, with the convenience of an overhead operation. You can choose from eight designs and multiple wood species to fit the style of your home.

3. Faux Carriage House Garage Doors

canyon ridge carriage house garage door

Faux wood, or wood composite, gives your door a luxurious appearance but with less maintenance. In the CANYON RIDGE® Collection ULTRA-GRAIN® Series, you have an economical alternative to the Limited Edition Series, featuring the durability of steel paired with the natural beauty of stained wood. With its two-inch-thick Intellicore® insulation, a door from this series has an R-value of 18.4.

4. Custom Carriage House Garage Doors

canyon ridge garage door

If you can’t find the ideal garage door for your style home, you could create a one-of-a-kind wood garage door from the RESERVE® WOOD Collection CUSTOM Series. If you can dream it, we can design it, no matter the color or the size. Our Door Imagination System can help you brainstorm which color, material, panel and window options would go perfectly with your living space. You could upload a picture of your house to envision how your custom garage door would look on your property.

What Are Carriage House Garage Doors?

Carriage house collection garage doors reflect the design of a traditional barn or stable door, giving your home’s exterior a mid-century modern appearance. While carriage-style doors complement rustic homes, they also provide a pleasant contrast to contemporary ones. This carriage house style door will boost your home’s curb appeal with a versatile design and enhance its energy efficiency depending on the insulation options you choose.

Even though original carriage house doors were wood doors, we offer other low-maintenance options for your garage door, including steel and wood composite, besides natural wood garage doors. You could also design your garage door to look like an old-fashioned carriage door with elegant window designs and decorative lift handles and other hardware.

Features of Carriage House Garage Doors

After choosing an energy-efficient material to complement the exterior design of your property, you could personalize the following features of your garage door based on what the design brochure includes for each collection.

  • Insulation: If you have a steel collection garage door, you could choose one-, two- or three-layer construction of galvanized steel for more insulation. Wood naturally has a high R-value, but you could add more insulation to your garage door for better noise reduction and temperature regulation. The insulation options for most collections are 1-3/8″ or 2″ Intellicore® polyurethane, 1-3/8″ or 2″ polystyrene or 1-5/16″ vinyl-backed polystyrene. Combined with any of these insulation materials, your energy-efficient door could have an R-value between 5.9 to 20.4.
  • Colors: Our inventory of carriage house doors provides a total of 12 factory finishe options for your selection, including several Ultra-Grain® wood finishes to give your modern steel or faux wood garage door the appearance of natural wood.
  • Overlay pattern: If the door you choose for your garage features wood composite overlay and cladding, you could customize the design of these faux wood panels. Most overlays come in a criss-cross pattern, but you may also choose to create vertical or horizontal lines instead.
  • Hardware: The decorative hardware of your carriage house garage door gives it the appearance of a swing-out door. Select from a variety of metal hinges, lift handles and step plates to enhance your home’s historic look.

Replacing your garage door with a carriage-house style offers the following benefits:

  • It increases your home’s value and curb appeal.
  • It keeps your home safe from intruders.
  • It makes your home more energy-efficient.
  • It reduces the noise from your operating system and outside activity.
  • It reduces the number of garage door repairs you’ll need each year.
  • It prevents accidental injury to your family or property.

carriage house garage doors reflect the design of a traditional barn or stable door

If you’re considering a residential carriage house garage door for your home, AAA Garage Door is a full-service company that provides quality residential Clopay® doors and LiftMaster openers. After you choose a garage door to complement the style of your home, we’ll discuss the next steps of the installation process, including scheduling annual inspections and repairing worn-out parts over the years.

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How Do Carriage House Garage Doors Open?

The original design of carriage house doors featured intricately carved wooden panel doors and wrought-iron hardware. Metal hinges on the ends of the entryway gave it the ability to swing out and make space for horse-drawn carriages. Modern carriage house garage doors still have the same design, but with a more updated operating system to accommodate automated vehicles.

How Much Does a Carriage House Garage Door Cost?

If you’re trying to plan a full remodel of the exterior of your house, you should think about the garage door cost. The price to install and design your carriage house door depends on several factors, but you could customize this entryway to fit within your budget.

Consider these factors that affect the price of your door to help you decide what you should personalize.

  • Materials: Steel is the most affordable material, followed by wood composite and natural wood. If you choose natural wood, keep in mind that you also need to paint and reseal your wooden panels every couple of years to increase its resistance to moisture.
  • Insulation: An energy-efficient door will reduce your monthly energy bill and provide a more comfortable temperature for your home. While an insulated garage door with a high R-value will cost more money up front, you’ll save money on your utility bill.
  • Location: Where you live affects the cost of your installation project due to the availability of the materials and the fees local contractors charge. If you choose a bulkier door, you should also be aware that they tend to be more expensive to install because the installer might need to hire a team to help carry the door.

What Are Barn-Style Garage Doors?

You might also hear people call carriage house garage doors barn-style garage doors because they look like stable or barn doors. Until the 20th century, people used horse-drawn carriages as a means of transportation, and they would store their wagons in carriage houses. These barn doors initially consisted of natural wood, and they would swing out to allow the driver to park their vehicle.

Even if you drive an automatic car, you could still have the traditional elegance of a barn door-style garage door to protect the place where you park your vehicle. The country-style residential garage door features faux wood overlay design options, as well as various window options and patterns for your selection. You may choose a natural wood door to stay true to the original design, or you could create a steel door with an Ultra-Grain® wood finish for less maintenance. 

Carriage House Garage Door Windows

Complete your carriage house garage door with a unique window design. Browse through the brochure of each of the collections we offer to find out the specific windows available for your desired product. In general, you could personalize any of the following features.

carriage house garage door windows

  • Window size: Whether you have a one-car or two-car garage, you could choose a long or short windowpane pattern across your door. We recommend square windows for carriage style doors.
  • Window shape: Carriage house-style garage doors with windows often have rectangular or arch shapes on the top.
  • Window type: Some of our collections offer unique window types, aside from the rectangular or arch shape, such as the Kristin, the Trenton, the Clayton and the Wrought Iron. You could review the design brochures of these collections to discover how they would look against your house.
  • Single and double-top section: You could choose one or two rows of small windows for the top part of your garage door. The upper row features a traditional arched design.
  • Grille pattern: The decorative grilles are available in rectangular, square, vertical, horizontal or vertical and horizontal. You can easily remove them when you need to clean them.
  • Glass option: You could choose faux or real glass for your windows. The glass design options include clear, frosted, seeded, obscure, rain, frosted gluechip, delta frost and narrow reed.

What’s the Best Garage Door Opener for a Carriage House Garage Door?

You need a robust carriage house garage door opener from the LiftMaster Elite Series with the horsepower to operate your sturdy garage door. Several of our openers from this series are compatible with the MyQ® app to allow you to control your door from anywhere you have internet access, even if there is a power outage.

The garage door openers from the LiftMaster Elite Series include the following.

  • LiftMaster Elite Series 8550WLB: This belt drive garage door opener has Wi-Fi capability and includes a DC battery backup. The DC motor allows quiet and smooth operation, especially for lifting wood grain texture doors and composite wood doors. You would install this opener on your ceiling.
  • LiftMaster Elite Series 8587W: This AC chain drive garage door opener can also connect to the internet and mounts on the ceiling. It has 3/4 horsepower and an I-beam rail system that provide it with the strength to lift a heavy door, especially a door with a wood overlay design. Even though it’s tough, it’s also nearly silent.
  • LiftMaster Elite Series 8500: This wall mount garage door opener saves you ceiling space by sticking to the wall next to the garage door opening. The DC battery backup allows the garage door to work, even during a power outage.
  • LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W: This wall mount opener in the Elite Series is a step above the 8500, with Wi-Fi capability to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world. Its DC battery backup gives it the ability to continue holding up your garage door during the power outage. It reduces the noise and vibration to provide smooth operation.

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Carriage House Garage Door Company in Omaha

At AAA Garage Door, we will provide the perfect Clopay® residential garage door for your property in Omaha, Neb. Our quiet, energy-efficient LiftMaster garage door openers will also improve the quality of your home. Browse through our inventory on our website, and contact us online or call us at 402-727-0789 to request an estimate.

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How To Choose The Right Material For Your Garage Door

The Pros and Cons of Popular Garage Door Materials

Installing a new garage door in your home will not only add value to your property but can also improve its overall appearance. Nowadays, overhead doors for your garage come in a range of materials with an option to suit the style of every home. Here at AAA Garage Door Inc., we pride ourselves on providing the very best garage doors with durable, long-lasting materials.

As you explore what garage doors are made of, you may wonder how to determine which one is best. It’s easier to make your decision once you know the pros and cons of common garage door materials. Learn more about the different garage door types below.

Steel Garage Doors

  • Cost: Low to medium
  • Climates: All

For homeowners that want the widest selection of design options, insulation and pricing, Clopay® steel garage doors are a fantastic option. Clopay® is sure to have what you want, whether that’s a classic raised panel garage door or an overhead door with a sleek modern finish.

The pros of steel garage doors include:

  • Durability: Steel garage doors can tolerate frequent heavy use and can resist fire, weather and damage, making them suitable for all climates.
  • Low maintenance: You must wash and repaint your door to maintain its appearance.
  • Insulated: Insulation reduces noise, maintains your garage’s temperature, lowers your energy bills and provides protection from the weather.
  • Design flexibility: Different garage door collections offer different benefits, such as reinforced WindCode doors for those living in areas with high winds, an Ultra-Grain® finish that gives a natural wood grain texture and a range of hardware, window and paint options to give you more than 100 different styles to choose from.

The cons of steel garage doors include:

  • Rust: Lower-quality steel doors are prone to rust.
  • Higher energy bills: If you choose an uninsulated steel door, your monthly energy bills will probably increase.
  • Dents: Minor accidents can cause thinner doors to dent.

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Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors

glass garage door installed in Omaha NE by a AAA garage door expert

  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Climates: All 

Homeowners looking to bring some contemporary flair to their homes should consider an aluminum garage door. With this door’s glass panels, more natural light and warmth can be infused into your space, creating an area that you can fully utilize. For more privacy, you can choose a glass finish that provides the right balance of obscurity and light transmission to give you the result you want.

The pros of aluminum and glass garage doors include:

  • Durability: Featuring tempered glass and rust-proof and corrosion-resistant metal, these Clopay® doors are built to last. Tempered glass is four times stronger than standard glass, and heat- and scratch-resistant.
  • Design flexibility: Not only will this style of garage door help you to modernize the overall look of your Omaha home, but you can also match it to the existing color scheme of your house.
  • Increased natural light: Glass doors allow the maximum amount of natural light into your garage, brightening the space and allowing you to spend more time in there.
  • Low maintenance: You only have to clean the glass to maintain your garage door’s appearance.

The cons of aluminum and glass garage doors include:

  • Weight: Aluminum garage doors are heavier than others. They require an opener that can handle their weight.
  • Cost: Glass garage doors cost more than others because of their manufacturing process, materials and installation.
  • Insulation: The glass panels allow sunlight and heat into your garage. Depending on the season and climate, this may make your garage uncomfortable. You can choose a double-paned product or one with a coating to mitigate this effect.


Wood Garage Doors

the pros and cons of garage doors

  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Climates: Mild

Wood garage doors are a classic option. They provide your home with a beautiful and authentic material that no other door can replicate.

The pros of wood garage doors include:

  • Customization: You can customize wood garage doors to meet your specifications.
  • Durability: These doors resist scratches, dents and other minor damage.
  • Natural insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, so wood garage doors block out extreme cold and heat and loud sounds.

The cons of wood garage doors include:

  • Cost: They’re more expensive upfront, but wood garage doors offer a greater return on investment by increasing your property’s value.
  • Weight: Like glass and aluminum doors, wood ones are heavier and require an opener that can handle their weight.
  • Regular maintenance: These doors require regular maintenance to look their best. In climates with extreme temperatures, they may swell, rot or warp.

Vinyl Garage Doors

  • Cost: Medium to high
  • Climates: All

Vinyl is a durable synthetic material that adds luxury to your garage. These garage doors have many features to keep your garage safe and customize its look.

Here are some pros of vinyl doors:

  • Durability: Vinyl garage doors are practically indestructible. Even if scratches or scuffs occur, they’re less noticeable. Additionally, they’re weather-resistant and rust-proof, so they can withstand any climate.
  • Low maintenance: You don’t have to repaint vinyl garage doors.
  • Cost: These doors are more expensive than steel, but they’re more affordable than most other options. Their longevity and durability make them a cost-effective choice.

The cons of vinyl doors include:

  • Customization: After you choose what color you want your garage door to be, you can’t repaint it.
  • Insulation: A vinyl overhead door will only maintain the temperature in your garage if you purchase one with an insulation layer.

Wood Composite Garage Doors

reserve wood garage door

  • Cost: Low to medium
  • Climates: All

Wood composite doors are composed of recycled materials, like wood pieces and plastic fibers. These doors resemble wood doors but cost less.

Some pros of wood composite doors include:

  • Visual appeal: These doors replicate the beauty and elegance of wood overhead doors.
  • Durability: Because the doors aren’t 100% wood, you can install them in any climate without causing them to swell, warp or rot. They can have a steel base to further increase their durability.
  • Environmentally friendly: These doors are made of recycled and sustainable materials.

 The cons of wood composite doors include:

  • Material: Wood composite doors can replicate the look of wood, but they can only partially look and feel like real wood.
  • Damage: These doors can chip and crack.
  • Regular maintenance: Like wood doors, they require routine maintenance to keep up their appearance.

Make the Right Choice for Your Home

Choose the right garage door material for your home

With so many different options and combinations to choose from, it can be challenging for homeowners to decide on the right material for their overhead garage door. To ensure you make the right choice for your home, get in touch with our garage door experts at AAA Garage Doors Inc. today.

With our expert knowledge and extensive experience with garage door repairs and installation, we can help you choose the best material and style for your new garage door in Omaha and surrounding areas!

Does a Garage Increase Home Value?

Your garage is one of the first features passersby notice when they view your home. A garage door may stand out prominently or blend in, depending on the color, size and style. It is a relatively affordable measure of ensuring your home attracts attention if you’re in the market to sell. 

Read on to learn more about how much value a garage door can add to your home, ways it can increase your home’s appraisal and more. Partner with AAA Garage Door to upgrade your garage door and see how much it enhances your home’s curb appeal and worth.

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How Much Value Does a New Garage Door Add to My Home?

According to Remodeling’s updated 2023 Cost and Value Report, there are various ways to secure a return on your investment by making home improvements. A garage door replacement ranks among the highest returns, with an estimated 102.7% cost recovery upon resale. Based on their national averages, replacing a garage door could cost up to $4,302, but you’ll get $4,415 back when you sell your home. Hence, garage door ROI is one of the most profitable gains. 

The West North Central report averages differ slightly from the regional city report mentioned above, with a somewhat lower cost recoup amount of 78% compared to 102%. It is still significant compared to other home improvement projects that may seem to provide a greater return but offer less in resale value. Examples include roofing replacement at 42%, bathroom remodeling at 41%, major kitchen remodeling at 40%, deck addition at 38% and an upscale primary suite addition at 20%. 

How Much Value Does a New Garage Door Add to My Home?

5 Ways a New Garage Door Increases Your Home’s Value

A residential garage door style that matches your home will likely add value in numerous ways. Your bottom-line resale price depends on the cost of installing a new door and its aesthetic appeal. Generally, the more you spend, the higher ROI you can expect. The new owners will appreciate the money and effort you put in — a benefit any prospective buyers should consider. 

We’ve listed a few ways a new garage door can increase your home’s value that may help convince you to install one. 

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Most new garage doors have insulation and other high-quality materials that make them energy efficient, helping you save money in the long run. With the right insulation R-value, your garage door can regulate temperatures year-round. 

You could save money on your energy bills with a well-insulated garage door, like one reinforced with numerous steel layers or made of polystyrene and polyurethane. Your HVAC system takes less strain when you don’t have to use it as frequently to heat or cool your living spaces, like rooms adjacent to your garage. Insulation keeps the cold air out in the winter while keeping the interior comfortable during summer.

2. Improved Door Durability

A new garage door consists of durable material that lasts many years. They often have aluminum or steel frames reinforced with internal polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. These doors offer more protection and durability, which will increase your home’s value through added security. New doors are less prone to damage from dents and don’t warp as easily.

You can expect your garage door to last up to 30 years if it doesn’t sustain severe damage from storms and adverse weather and you maintain it regularly. Wear and tear are inevitable, but you can minimize damage by having any dents repaired by a professional garage door contractor before they worsen. Fortunately, new doors carry a limited warranty that will cover damages for a specific period after you initially install it.

3. Less Maintenance 

A new garage door costs less to maintain than an older one. Over time, worn components may start deteriorating and need replacing. The paint may also start peeling and chipping, leaving you with an eyesore. Though you can repaint it and replace the panels, these cosmetic fixes won’t have the same effect as a new garage door, especially to interested buyers who may perceive these as attempts to conceal its imperfections. 

With an upgraded garage door, the people who buy your home will have peace of mind knowing they won’t have to install a new one for a long time, and they’re more likely to consider paying your full asking price if it saves them down the line. 

4. Improved Curb Appeal

Your garage door’s appearance is essential if you’re considering ways to increase your home’s value. It should have at least three elements that make it stand out to improve the curb appeal. 

  • Customization: Your new garage door should enhance your house’s exterior by adding a modern, rustic or traditional touch based on your existing home style. 
  • Material: Sturdy materials like steel, solid wood or aluminum influence the value, durability and strength.
  • Color: Choosing similar, bold or contrasting colors will complement your home, making it more attractive.

5. Modern Safety Features

Modern technology allows you to control newly installed garage doors with your smartphone, so you can set them to open and close automatically, monitor activity remotely and change the security codes as you wish. Most have an auto-reverse safety feature that prevents the door from closing on any person or object. 

These garage door improvements will give potential buyers confidence, which an older door might not offer.

5 Ways a New Garage Door Increases Your Home's Value

How Much Is a New Garage Door?

A new garage door can cost thousands of dollars, but you get what you pay for. Custom doors like carriage and French styles that meet specific requirements are pricey, though you can find more affordable options to suit any budget. Consider factors like whether you need a single or double garage, insulation, material and door opener types — these will all impact your price. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

A new, well-maintained garage door should last a long time. If you experience a severe thunderstorm or accident that causes significant damage, you might have to repair or replace it. Preventive maintenance ensures you get maximum value and longevity for your money.

Get the Best Garage Door Resale Value With AAA Garage Door

Installing a new garage door has advantages. One of these is the ROI you can expect when selling your home. At AAA Garage Door, you can count on us to deliver outstanding service using the highest-quality material to install the garage door you need. 

We don’t compromise on your satisfaction and will accommodate you as best we can. Call us at 402-727-0789 or request an online estimate if you’re ready for a garage door replacement. 

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