Garage Door Weather Seal Maintenance in Omaha, NE

With regular exposure to harsh outdoor elements and debris, your garage door’s weather seal will wear over time and begin cracking or warping, leaving your garage and home exposed. When your garage door needs a quick, effective garage door seal replacement, reach out to the knowledgeable team of garage door repair experts at AAA Garage Door. We have the right tools and replacement weather stripping to improve the performance and efficiency of your garage door.

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Last time you ventured into your garage, was a bit of daylight poking from beneath your garage door? Garage door weather seals don’t actively contribute to the functionality of your garage door, but this component is a crucial piece that improves to your garage door’s overall performance. The rubber piece of weather stripping installed across the bottom of your garage door is designed to keep pests and debris out, protect the contents of your garage and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your house is vulnerable if you don’t have proper weather seals installed on your garage door.

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Garage Door Seal Installation and Replacement

When inspecting the quality and condition of your garage door system, you likely don’t think of checking the weather stripping along the bottom, but with regular exterior exposure, the vinyl or rubber materials of your weather seal will crack, shrink and warp, allowing damaging elements, debris and pests to enter your garage. Easily determine whether your garage door needs a seal replacement by looking for:

  • Light peeking from under the garage door while it’s closed
  • Drafts or breezes coming into your garage
  • Rust around the edges of the door
  • Puddles forming around the base of the garage door
  • Signs of noticeable damage like warping, flaking or missing chunks

Garage door weather seal replacement is a quick, cost-effective repair that will greatly improve the overall efficiency of your system and the comfort of your garage. Contact the repair experts at AAA Garage Door when you begin to notice any of the common signs of weather seal damage. We offer several different types of weather stripping products, sizes and materials to accommodate any make or model garage door.

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What are the Benefits of a Garage Door Weather Seal?

Weather seals may seem like small, inconsequential pieces of hardware, but fresh weather stripping greatly improves a home’s energy efficiency by reducing air transference. Garage door weather seals also protect your garage door from elemental damages and excess wear. The bottom seal forms a tight seal between the garage door and flooring to keep out rain and moisture while also protecting your garage against vermin and insect intrusion. 

Stay Energy Efficient With Garage Door Seal Replacement in Omaha, NE

AAA Garage Door is Omaha’s leading garage door repair and installation company, offering comprehensive and dependable full-service residential solutions. Our knowledgeable garage door professionals respond to all repair calls quickly and find appropriate repair options to meet your specific needs and long-term expectations.

If you live in Elkhorn, Boys Town or Omaha and your home needs a garage door seal replacement, contact AAA Garage Door — we’ll find the right garage door bottom seal installation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your door system. Need to replace your garage door bottom seal? Schedule seal replacement services today by calling us at 402-727-0789 or complete our online contact form for a service quote.

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