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Break-In Prevention – 10 Tips To Ensure Your Garage Door Is Secure

Break-In Prevention: 10 Tips to Ensure Your Garage Door Is Secure

Keeping your home safe and secure is a primary concern for every homeowner. You want to be sure that you, your family and your belongings are kept away from prying eyes and prevent the chance of a break-in. It’s important to remember that most burglars are opportunists, so simply locking up your home and garage door and keeping valuables out of sight can be a great deterrent. 

However, seasoned burglars will look for other ways to enter your house, like your garage, windows and other main entryways. In 2019, there were over 1.1 million burglaries with residential properties accounting for 62.8%. The best way to prevent a home burglary is to increase your home’s security.


How to Secure Your Garage Door

Many homeowners focus on securing their windows and doors, but it’s important not to overlook your garage. While many burglars enter through the doors and windows, 9% enter through your garage. Here are 10 tips to increase your garage door’s security.

1. Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener has been in use for many years, it might be time to upgrade it. Modern garage door openers have smart systems that alert you if your door has been left open. Depending on the system, you can use an app or remote to close your door.

Additionally, newer systems may include an alarm and security lights to protect your property. They also use rolling codes, which means the code that opens and closes your garage door only works once. Rolling codes provide an extra level of security that prevents hackers from accessing your opener.

2. Pay Attention to Your Door’s Emergency Release Trigger

The vast majority of garage doors have a special emergency release trigger that allows you to get in or out of your garage when there is a power outage. Typically, the trigger is near the top of the door, allowing burglars to access the switch and enter your home through your garage door. 

You can prevent this by installing a shield in front of the door release or disabling this feature. The method for disabling it differs model-to-model, but usually, it’s as simple as cutting the chord that’s attached to the emergency release. If you are unsure how to disable the security release, get in touch with our team at AAA Garage Door and let us help you out.

3. Add Manual Locks

If you really want to keep your garage door secure, a great option is to install heavy-duty manual locks. Keep in mind that since you must secure the locks from inside your garage, you can’t exit through the garage door. The effectiveness of the locks depends on how often you use them — if you forget to secure your manual locks, they will not help protect your garage.

4. Add Motion Detection Lights

A motion detection light outside a garage door can help stop a burglar from breaking into a home. Detection lights notify the people who are home that someone or something is moving around outside. They also gain the attention of surrounding neighbors who have a clear view of your home’s garage.

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5. Frost Your Windows

Thieves want to avoid getting caught, so they usually scope out a place before attempting a break-in. Your garage door windows are aesthetically pleasing and allow natural light into your garage. But they also provide burglars with a view into your garage. They can see the stuff in your garage and if there are any cars — in other words, if anyone is home. For extra garage security, frost your windows to increase privacy while still letting in natural light.

6. Don’t Leave Your Opener Remote in Your Car

Burglars know it’s convenient for you to store your remote in your car’s glove box, on the visor or somewhere else in your car. Some may break into your car with the intent to get your garage door opener, and then gain access to your home. It’s best to keep your opener on you at work, such as in your coat pocket or bag, and store it inside when you’re home.

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7. Ensure Your Garage Doors Are in Good Condition

Older garage doors might have gaps or dents, making it easier for someone to break in. You can avoid this security risk by scheduling routine maintenance and replacing your garage door as needed. New garage doors provide greater protection for you and your family.

8. Secure Your Home’s Entry Door

Most garages have a door that connects to the home. Always lock this door to prevent thieves from gaining access to the rest of your house. You can reinforce this door by replacing it with a steel door and adding a deadbolt, smart lock or motion sensor.

9. Remove Your Valuables

It’s easy to fill your garage with items that you can’t find space for inside your home. However, you should avoid leaving valuables in your garage. This way if a thief manages to gain access to your garage, at least they won’t be able to steal your valuables.

10. Create Good Security Habits

Homeowners who become lax in their security habits put their homes at a higher risk for burglary. Locking your garage door sometimes, occasionally switching on your security lights and only closing your door most of the time will not keep your home secure. That’s why it’s crucial to develop good security habits. 

You can establish security protocols for leaving your home. Communicate these protocols with your family members so everyone is on the same page. Ensure everyone sticks to these procedures to decrease your risk of a break-in. 

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Keep Your Garage Door Secure With AAA Garage Door

To keep your home, family and belongings protected, you must secure your garage door. As a major entry point to your home, it requires security measures to ensure there’s little to no chance for unauthorized access. Contact the garage door experts at AAA Garage Door to find out more about how you can bolster your garage’s security. With our help, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

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Keep Your Garage Door Secure And Your Family Protected

To keep your home secure and protected, you must take the time to secure your garage door. As a major entry point to your home, this vulnerable area requires necessary steps to ensure there is no unauthorized access. Get in touch with our garage repair experts at AAA Garage Doors to find out more about how you can bolster the security of your garage door. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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