5 Weatherproofing Tips to Keep Your Garage Warm

Making sure your garage door’s seal is tight is incredibly important, especially during the winter months when the goal is to keep the extreme cold out and utility bills low. You may be surprised to know just how much warm air escapes in the winter months through your residential garage door, especially if you haven’t given it regular maintenance or attention.

a garage door covered in snow

There are ways to resolve this issue, and it starts by making time to winterize your garage space well before the flurries start flying. It is never too late to make necessary repairs or to invest in proper winterizing solutions to help keep the warmth in, where it belongs. It doesn’t matter if you want to get ahead of the game this winter or if you’re trying to seal your garage door with snow already on the ground, these 4 weatherproofing tips for your garage door will help!

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5 Tips to Weatherproof Your Garage Door

The garage door service experts at AAA Garage Door, Inc. have some tips for Omaha homeowners who are looking to tackle some of the common things that can cause garage spaces to become a drain on heating costs during the colder months. Here are some tips we’ve picked up on since we began garage door seal maintenance over 25 years ago:

1. Inspect and Replace Garage Insulation

Garages are often overlooked when it comes to insulation, and that is something that can and does make a big difference in containing the warm air that your HVAC system generates. Insulating the walls and the residential garage door itself can really make a difference, and there are a variety of ways to do this.

Fiberglass batt insulation is fairly inexpensive but does require some skill to install properly, and it can be tricky and messy. When it comes to the garage door itself, many of the older wood, aluminum or metal doors aren’t conducive to adding insulation. There are many new overhead doors that feature integrated insulation. 

2. Weatherstripping, Cracks, and Holes

When is the last time you inspected the weatherstripping seal around your garage door? These take the brunt of harsh weather in addition to repeated opening and closing which can cause them to become brittle and crack, break or become ineffective. During winter, the rubber stripping on your garage door can literally freeze to the ground or threshold, causing it to rip, tear, or cause the lifting mechanism of your overhead door to work harder to do its job. If you find that your garage door weatherstripping has any visible damage we recommend you replace your garage door seals before the winter comes.

You’ll also want to remove any snow or ice from the area where your door seals; ice chunks or snow clinging to the door can interfere with the photoelectric eye, which could cause the door to come partially down, then go right back up without closing. If you choose to remove the old seal and plan to apply a new weatherstrip, be sure to replace the weatherproof seal with a high-quality product designed to remain pliable at any temperature.

Next, take a moment to inspect the garage walls, areas around windows and doors where small cracks or openings are creating cold drafts. Caulk and seal those areas to minimize heat loss as well as seal any gaps that might have formed.

3. Check The Moving Parts

Overhead garage doors rely on several metal components to operate. When the temperature gets cold, metal contracts and can cause your Omaha garage door to perform poorly or even stop working altogether if those same components break. Rollers can become brittle in cold air, causing them to crack. Take a few moments to look at the various moving parts. If you see anything that looks broken or out of place, it’s time to repair those pieces before the cold weather starts to move in.

4. Inspect weatherstripping between garage door panels

This tip only applies to some garage door designs. If your garage door has room to apply weatherstrippings in-between the individual door panels then we recommend you do this with v-shaped garage door weatherstripping. This will significantly increase the efficiency in which your garage door maintains heat.

This isn’t the same as bottom weatherstripping and side weatherstripping that’s located on the bottom of the garage door and on the sides. This seal is located in-between each door panel and provides the door and your garage with extra insulation.

5. Call a Professional 

If you want a professional opinion on garage weatherproofing then look no further than AAA Garage Door in Omaha NE. We specialize in weatherstrip replacement,  garage door efficiency, and overall preventative maintenance that will save you money this winter. If any of these garage weatherproofing tips seem too hard to fix on your own then let us do the hard work for you!

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Last Reviewed By Felipe Pinales on December 23rd, 2020