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Your garage door says a lot about your home and creates a lasting impression on guests and passers-by. The type, color and design of your garage door reveal your style preferences and provide a sneak peek into your home. When choosing a garage door, think about how you want people to perceive your home from your driveway or a nearby street. 

A customized or traditional wooden garage door can help you achieve a beautiful and sophisticated design that makes your home more inviting to guests. There are various wooden garage door types, styles, colors and accessories that can make your door unique and memorable. 

You can choose between a wide range of natural hardwood or wood composite garage doors to match your budget and personal preference. Wooden garage doors are easy to customize, so you can make your home stand out from all the rest. 

What Are Wooden Garage Doors?

Wooden garage doors are timeless and enhance the curbside appeal of homes. Many people choose wooden garage doors because they are easily customizable and come in various wood types. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose between natural wood doors and wood composite doors. There are also multiple styles of garage doors that can enhance your home. 

Types of Wooden Garage Doors 

When choosing a wooden garage door, consider your budget, home layout and design. Here are some common types of wooden garages:

  • Solid panel garage door: Many people choose the solid panel garage door as it is economical and offers a simple design. A solid wood panel garage door is flat and consists of a single slab of wood that provides a polished and elegant finish.
  • Raised panel garage door: Unlike the simple solid panel design, raised panels offer more detail. A thick raised wood panel garage door has customized elements that provide a unique and modern finish. 
  • Carriage house-style garage door: A carriage house-style garage door is known for its rustic feel and has doors that swing open and closed like stable doors. Carriage house wood doors are versatile and a classic addition to any modern or rustic-style home. Many people install windows in their carriage house garage doors, which add more charm to the contemporary design of the carriage-style garage door. 

Are Wooden Garage Doors Made of Solid Wood? 

Wooden garage doors are usually made from layers of hardwood or wood composite rather than solid wood.

Manufacturers use hardwood sheets like cedar, redwood and plywood to make wooden garage doors. Sheets of hardwood are popular in wooden garage doors as they help reinforce the door and can be resistant to moisture and rotting.

Manufacturers make composite wooden garage doors from a non-wood core and attach recycled materials like plastic and softwood to the exterior of the non-wood body. A popular type of wood composite is faux wood. A faux wood garage door is perfect if you want a garage door that resembles a hardwood garage door but is cheaper and requires less maintenance.

Best Types of Wood for Garage Doors

The following types of wood are popular choices for wooden garage doors. 


Many people choose cedar for garage doors because of the quality and durability of cedarwood. Cedarwood is a porous softwood that causes less strain on your garage door opener. Although cedar is a softwood, it is solid and resistant to insect and moisture damage, making it a perfect choice for homeowners. Cedarwood has various beautiful designs and does not crack or wrap in hot weather. You can paint your cedar garage door or leave it in its beautiful natural state. 


For those who aim for overall quality in garage doors, mahogany garage doors set the bar extremely high. Mahogany is a robust hardwood that is naturally moisture-resistant, making it a popular choice for wooden garage doors. Mahogany garage doors offer unique color tones, rigidness and custom designs to coordinate with the layout of homes. 


Redwood garage doors are known for their superior quality and sophistication. Spending a little extra on a redwood garage door gives homeowners a durable softwood garage door that can withstand most weather conditions. Redwood garage doors offer a variety of designs, natural, rich color tones and various customization options. 

Reclaimed Wood

Making your home more eco-friendly is easy with a reclaimed wood garage door. Reclaimed wood is solid hardwood made from repurposed lumber from previous wood structures. Reclaimed wood garages are solid and can withstand hot weather and heating systems because of the reclaimed wood’s preexposure to various weather conditions. 


You can make your garage door economical and appealing with plywood. Plywood combines soft and hardwood materials manufacturers use to create affordable wooden garage door panels. Manufacturers offer the option of adding a hardwood coat to plywood garage doors to make them more attractive. 

Pros and Cons of Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors have many excellent features that make them the perfect choice for homeowners. Weighing the pros and cons of wooden garage doors can help you decide if a wooden garage door is right for your home. 

Pros of Wooden Garage Doors

Pros of wooden garage doors include: 

  • Increased curb appeal: The rich colors, classic designs and beautiful textures of wooden garages stand out on any street or driveway. 
  • Diverse customization: Wooden garages are easily customizable, so you can choose the color, size, wood panels and windows to match your home design and personal preferences.
  • Eco-friendly material: Wood is a sustainable building material, making it a great choice if you are concerned about protecting the environment. 
  • Strong and durable garage doors: Many wood materials are naturally strong and durable, so your garage door will likely withstand most weather conditions and last a long time. 
  •  Insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, which will help keep your home warm on cool days. Plus, you can save money on energy bills as you may not need extra heating.
  • Affordable options: Many wooden garage doors can be affordable if you use wood composite materials. 
  • Increased home value: A wooden garage’s beautiful design and style can make your home more appealing to buyers.

Cons of Wooden Garage Doors

Cons of wooden garage doors include:

  • Maintenance needs: Regular maintenance is the best option to keep your wooden garage door in shape for an extended time. Regular maintenance tasks like checking for cracks and chips and applying waterproof paint to your wooden garage door can prevent it from rotting or cracking but may be a time-consuming task. 
  • Price: Customizing your wooden garage door can make it a more costly investment than standard wooden garage doors. 
  • Life span: While regular maintenance can help your garage door last longer, wooden garages may still have a shorter life span than other garages. 
  • Weight: Wood materials are solid and may be heavy, adding more weight to your garage door opener. 

Cost of Wooden Garage Doors

Different types of wooden garages vary in cost. How much you pay for your wooden garage door depends on factors like the type of wood, labor, size of your garage door and customizations. 

Hardwood garage doors like redwood, oak and mahogany are heavier woods that can cost you more to install. Plus, you have to consider the size of your garage — garage doors for a two- to three-car garage can cost more to manufacture and install. 

Custom wooden garage doors and panels may cost more to manufacture. Other customizations like painting, staining or adding windows to your wooden garage door can also increase the cost of your garage door. Consider the price of garage door handles and the type that will match and be sturdy enough for your garage door. 

You also must consider the type of garage door opener you’ll need for your wooden garage door. Particular hardwood garage doors may require door openers that are strong enough to hold the weight of a heavy wooden garage door.

Lastly, you need to consider the costs of a professional garage door company to help you install and customize your wooden garage door. Professionals can install your door and make sure everything works properly. 

How Long Do Wooden Garage Doors Last?

The longevity of wooden garage doors can depend on the maintenance, weather conditions, the quality of your wood material and the overall age of your wooden garage door. 

The type of wood you use for your wooden garage door can also help determine the life span of your garage door. Thick hardwood garage doors may last longer than thinner softwood garage doors. 

Regular and preventive maintenance can extend the life span of your wooden garage door and the time before a garage door replacement becomes necessary. Many quality wood types are insect-resistant and able to withstand hot and wet weather conditions. You might not have to consider replacing your wooden garage door for a long time if your garage door is well-maintained. 

Best Windows for Wooden Garage Doors

Installing garage door windows can provide natural light and warmth to your garage and complete the classic, elegant or rustic look of your wooden garage door. 

You need to consider your type of wooden garage when installing windows. Windows can add extra weight to a heavy wooden garage door, so consider a lighter option like faux glass. You can choose between customizations like clear, frosted or obscure fake or real glass windows to help you achieve the desired look and feel or enhance the privacy and safety of your garage. 

You can pick the shape, size and window type that best suits your carriage house or single and raised panel garage doors. Many professional garage door companies can customize your wood door to fit various window shapes and sizes. 

Best Openers for Wooden Garage Doors

Many wooden garage doors require garage openers with adequate functionality to support the weight of the hardwood doors. Choose a garage door opener that can lift and lower heavy wooden garage doors safely. There are a variety of heavy-lifting garage openers — such as the LiftMaster® Elite Series® — that are strong and durable to support the weight of your standard or custom wooden garage door. You can also choose between different types of garage door openers to match the design and style of your wooden garage door. 

Wooden Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance lets you keep your wooden garage door in great shape for longer. Here are some simple wooden garage door maintenance tips: 

  • Clean your wooden garage doors: Wiping down and washing your wooden garage door with water and mild soap is a simple way to get rid of dirt and dust and prevent stains. 
  • Inspect your wooden garage for rot: Wooden garage doors may be prone to fungus and rot from wet weather and excessive moisture in the air. Rot is not always visible, so regularly inspect for signs of rot, like worn stains or soft areas in your wooden garage door. Look out for water that soaks into stained wood door areas or test the firmness of weak wood areas with a screwdriver to help identify rot. 
  • Inspect your wooden garage for pests: Many wooden garage doors are resistant to insects, but it is still essential to watch for insects like termites, snails or beetles to ensure they are not creeping into any cracks on your garage door. 
  • Seal cracks and chips: Seal any cracks or chips by sanding down your wood doors and applying a mold repellent before painting or staining your doors. 
  • Pant and stain your wooden garage door: Regularly painting and staining your door with protective waterproof paint or stain can help protect the surface of your wood door from rot, warping and scratches. 

What Are the Most Popular Accessories for Wooden Garage Doors?

Customizing your wooden garage door goes beyond door panel styles and windows. Here are some popular accessories to help help you enhance the aesthetics of your wooden garage door:

  • Decorative wooden garage door handles: You can customize your wooden garage door with various door handles and knob designs of different colors and styles to accentuate your wooden garage door design. 
  • Decorative wooden garage hinges: Installing custom hinges and latches to your carriage house-style garage can help complete your classic or rustic garage door design. 
  • Decorative wooden garage hardware kits: You can purchase unique hardware garage door kits that include nails, door handles and hinges to help enhance your wooden garage door’s unique look and feel. 
  • Customized windows grille patterns: Choose between various window shapes and grille patterns to improve the space and design of your wooden garage doors. 

Install Your Wooden Garage Door With Help From AAA Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are a timeless addition to any home and help you enhance the aesthetics of your home. 

AAA Garage Door provides all the garage door repair and replacement services you need and can help you install and maintain your wooden garage door. We have been in the garage door business for decades and are committed to providing efficient and quality services to homes and businesses in Nebraska. We offer a broad range of Clopay® wooden garage products and have a team of trained professionals who can help install your wooden garage door and opener. 

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