Nebraska Buying Guide to Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux Wood Garage Doors

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If you’re considering getting a new garage door, faux wood overhead doors are the perfect style for any home. Wood-look garage doors pair the warm, natural aesthetic of wood with the durable and affordable features of steel and aluminum. For any homeowner looking to blend function and style, consider purchasing a faux wood door for your garage upgrade. Learn more about fake wood doors for garages and how they can complement your home. 

What Are Faux Wood Garage Doors?

A faux wood garage door is built from a non-wood core with a fake wood or composite outer layer. These fixtures are garage doors that look like wood so you can receive all the benefits of other materials and the classic look of wood. There are several materials composite garage doors come in, but the most common are steel, fiberglass and aluminum. 

What Are the Benefits of Faux Wood Garage Doors?

Fake wood and real wood garage doors look almost identical, but fake wood garage doors are constructed to be lighter, more durable and less expensive than wood. The different constructions of these doors allow homeowners to select the door that best fits their house and budget. Some of the benefits of faux wood over natural wood include:

Minimal Maintenance

Faux wood needs less upkeep than real wood. Steel, fiberglass and composite garage doors won’t rot, fade, crack or warp and are easier to repair and replace when damaged. They only need basic, regular garage door maintenance to function properly. 

Light Weight

Faux wood doors are much lighter than wood since their synthetic materials are constructed to be lightweight and durable. They’ll be easier to lift if you need to open or close your garage door manually.


Aluminum and steel are resistant to damage from weather and pests. Know that metal can be susceptible to dents, but adding insulation can help strengthen the door and protect it from damage. The faux wood composite overlay is resistant to warping, cracking and rotting.

Low Cost

Faux wood doors’ durable construction and synthetic materials make them less expensive to install and repair. Faux wood offers natural wood aesthetics without the higher price tag or increased maintenance costs. 

How Much Does a Faux Wood Garage Door Cost?

How Much Does a Faux Wood Garage Door Cost in Nebraska?

Faux wood garage doors can range from $300-$4,000 for a single door to $500-$5,000 for a double door. The exact cost of your garage door will vary depending on a few factors, like:

  • Size: The bigger your overhead door, the more expensive it usually will be. Two-car garages need twice as many entries as single-car garages, so you’ll need to pay more for complementary doors. 
  • Insulation: There are different options for garage door insulation. Choosing between polystyrene and polyurethane affects the cost and so does the insulation rating. You might spend more on better insulation up front, which will save you energy costs down the road. 
  • Material: The material for your faux wood garage will influence its price, with aluminum often being the most cost-effective option. Additionally, the number of layers in your door’s construction will affect the cost.
  • Features: Extra features or add-ons like detailing, hardware, windows and color can change how expensive your door is.

Different Types of Faux Wood Garage Doors

There are several style options for wood-look overhead doors. Once you’ve decided on faux wood, choosing the right material and style will ensure you get the best door for your home. We have several high-quality faux wood grain garage doors for sale, including the Bridgeport™ SteelGallery® Steel and Canyon Ridge® Carriage House garage doors. 

With a faux wood garage door from a steel line, you can choose a one-, two-, three- or four-layer construction. The more layers and the better your insulation, the more improved your door’s durability and soundproofing will be. Select from 1-5/16″ vinyl-backed polystyrene, 1-3/8″ or 2″ polystyrene or 1-3/8″ or 2″ Intellicore® polyurethane for most door styles. 

To achieve the best results for garage doors that look like wood, select one of our Ultra-Grain® wood finishes. These finishes mimic the look of several natural wood species, giving you a stunning wood appearance. Along with color, your door style will come with several decorative hardware options for a timeless, custom garage look. 

Faux Wood Garage Door Features

There are several features of faux wood garage doors you can customize. Potential options are available for your garage door color, windows, panels and more:

  • Decorative hardware like plates, handles and hinges
  • Panel size
  • Glass type, like clear, obscure, seeded, frosted, rain, acrylic and insulated
  • Window grilles
  • Finish color 

There are dozens of customizations available depending on the door style you select. Choose features that fit your needs and complement your home for an elevated faux wood door. 

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Windows for Faux Wood Garage Doors

Once you’ve selected a door construction and style, you can choose a complementary window design to fit your new door. The exact window styles available will depend on the door you choose, but an overview of some of the potential window options includes:

  • Glass type: Select styles have different glass options. Choose faux or real glass for your door and consider design options like seeded, rain, obscure, acrylic, frosted and insulated. 
  • Window shape: Faux wood window shapes are typically arched or rectangular to suit anything from modern to classic homes. 
  • Window size: Choose from long or short windowpane patterns regardless of garage size. 
  • Grille pattern: Add decorative grilles to the garage to elevate its appearance. Select from horizontal, vertical, square and rectangular grilles. 

What’s the Best Garage Door Opener for a Wood-Look Garage Door?

After choosing a fake wood garage door, you’ll want to get a garage door opener for convenience and security. Opting for an opener from our available line of LiftMaster Elite Series gives you total control over your garage door. Some of the Elite Series openers are MyQ® app-compatible, so you can control your door from your phone. 

Shop Faux Wood Garage Doors With AAA Garage Door

Shop Faux Wood Garage Doors With AAA Garage Door 

If you’re interested in installing a new garage door or looking for professional repairs, trust AAA Garage Door with your next door service. We carry a wide selection of Clopay® residential garage doors and energy-efficient LiftMaster garage door openers, perfect for any Omaha, Nebraska, home. 

If you’re looking for high-quality service and superior garage doors, we have everything you need to transform your home garage. To get started on installing your new garage door, contact us to request an estimate today! 

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