8 Signs Your Garage Door is in Need of Repair

Many things can cause overhead garage doors not to operate correctly, and when that happens, it causes inconvenience and headaches. As a homeowner, you and the members of your household rely on your home’s garage door to store vehicles and tools, and for many of us, it is also the primary way we access our homes. For commercial garage operators, a broken garage door can put a halt to daily productivity.   We’ve identified eight specific issues that point to a need for immediate attention or garage door systems repair. Damage that affects a garage door’s operation can be a potentially dangerous problem and is not something you should attempt to repair yourself. Look for these eight signs […]

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5 Common Garage Door Problems

Most of us have an overhead garage door in our lives. We rely on it to open and close on command and operate much like a utility. When the opener remote button is pressed, we expect the door to respond by opening or closing. Much like a light switch or water faucet, the overhead garage door typically does just what is asked of it time and again. Like anything with moving parts, garage doors can and do fail without proper maintenance and attention. When it happens to you, it can be costly and inconvenient. That’s why AAA Garage Door, Inc. […]

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4 Reasons to Keep Your Garage Door in Good Condition

Your garage door’s maintenance is usually the last thing on your mind. It has gone up and down hundreds of times without fail and is one of those things that can easily be taken for granted. Like anything with moving parts, overhead garage doors need occasional attention to keep them working reliably and safely. If you are the kind who takes a “wait until it’s broken” approach to residential garage door maintenance, it is really just a matter of time before your overhead door will demand attention and it is usually at the most inopportune time. Here are four important reasons […]

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The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

The convenience of YouTube and online tutorials has made each of us more willing to attempt simple do-it-yourself repairs on our own. While it is one thing to attempt a home repair like replacing a doorbell, it is quite another to take a DIY approach to overhead garage door services and repairs. On the surface, repairing or replacing a garage door seems pretty straightforward, but without the proper experience and tools, this seemingly simple home repair can turn into a dangerous proposition. Here are a few reasons to keep in mind before you attempt any overhead door repair or replacement […]

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