Safely Converting Your Garage Door into a Play Space for Kids

Winter is a time when there just isn’t enough outdoors to be found. For many families with children, this means converting your garage space into a play space. This alternative is potentially viable, but it must include taking a thorough look at all the dangers that can be lurking there before sending your kids out to play. Clutter, stored chemicals, dangerous tools and easy access to garage door mechanisms can make a garage play space an unsafe space.

Clear the Clutter, Lock Away Potential Dangers in Your Garage

Before you decide to turn the kids lose in the garage, AAA Garage Door, Inc. recommends you look around with a critical eye to remove any potential hazards that could turn playtime into tragedy. Start by clearing away clutter that could pose a trip or fall risk. Then, walk through the space to identify any equipment, dangerous liquids or power tools that could be accessed. These should be stored in locked cabinets or at a height that cannot be reached by curious children. Unplug power tools and remove other potential hazards such as saw blades, cutting implements or other items that could cause injury.

Is Your Garage Properly Ventilated to be Used as a Play Space?

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Something that isn’t often considered is proper ventilation in your residential garage. If your children will be spending many hours playing inside this space, it is recommended that you inspect and/or upgrade your ventilation system.

Never use gas-powered or electric space heaters to warm the garage even with the overhead door open. The risks of fire, accidental burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning are simply too high. If your car is in the garage where children will be playing, remove the keys and lock the car door to prevent it from being accidentally started; an engine running in a closed garage is never safe, not to mention the trouble they could cause if they happened to engage the gear shift.

Important Lesson for Children: Garage Doors are Not a Toy

Every year, thousands of children are injured or die when they use the residential garage doors as playthings. Children should always be made aware of simple garage door safety rules and reminded of them on a regular basis.

They should never ride on the door while it is going up or down, or use the wall-mounted controller and remote devices without adult permission. Accidental entrapment can happen when children attempt to “race the door” or if they engage the door when another child might be near or in the overhead door’s path.

Finally, don’t allow your children to use the garage as a play space especially if you haven’t regularly maintained the garage door over the past couple of years. Broken parts can cause injury from sharp edges or shattered glass panes. Doors that have mechanical issues can even fall unexpectedly. Make sure your garage door is in perfect condition when turning your garage into a safe environment.

Other Garage Door Safety Resources

Let us make sure your garage is safe

If you aren’t sure if your garage is “play ready” it pays to call AAA Garage Door, Inc. to do a critical review of any outstanding safety concerns or garage door services and repairs that need done. Call us at (402) 727-0789 or fill out a contact form before you send the children out to play.

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